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welli am both honored and pleased to be asked to introduce myself to all of you.


my name is xxx. ill graduate from china medical university in july next year. and my major is imaging of medicine which is one of the most famous majors in our university. in my way of thinking education is an important aspect of my life. i appreciate that our professors put great emphasize on the academic teaching of the solid theory foundation during our four year course. on the other hand i must admit practice is the sole criterion for testing truth. through the whole semesters of the fifth year in school for clinic practice i make great progress in practical application.

at the mention of my qualification i have passed cet-4 in english and cct-2 (=the second level) on computer already. i have a good command of imaging computer system pacs; not only do my qualification make me a perfect candidate my personality is well suited: im honest stable aspiring and have high sense of responsibility strong will and indomitable spirit .i think i have the excellent ability of working independent1y or with a diverse work force as well. apart from the above mentioned my scholastic pursuit make me spare no effort to get down to everything.

needless to say nothing but perseverance diligence can lead me to the way of success. its indeed unchangeable truth. it is my eagerness for putting my book knowledge into the farthest application .with my pious enthusiasm and sincerity i want to join you to work for your hospital.

i believe that i can because i think i can.

thank you for your consideration of my applicationthank you.