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  I. Spell the following words with the help of their definitions and the first letters given. (10 points)

  1、e_____ n. a usu. Short piece of writing on a particular subject by a student, esp. as a part of a course of study

  2、o_____ v. to hide from view; to make it difficult to see or understand

  3、s_____ v. to look at or to consider (a person, place, or condition) as a whole; to examine

  4、l_____ adj. very bad, unpleasant, useless

  5、r_____ v. talk about past experiences, esp. with pleasure

  参考答案:1. essay 2. obscure 3. survey 4. lousy 5. reminisce

  II. Complete the following sentences with the words given below, change the form where necessary. (10 points)                      permanentconquer     confident    convince     surround

  1、Those players who are not _____ at all will have few chances to succeed.

  2、To _____ the difficulties in study, you must work hard and try to find a better way of studying.

  3、We should _____ him of the approaching danger, otherwise he will be really in danger.

  4、It’s a ______ job, not a part-time one.

  5、This is a beautiful campus, and the dormitories and teaching buildings are all ______ with trees and grass.

  参考答案:1. confident?   2. conquer   3. convince   4. permanent   5. surrounded

  III. Fill in the following blanks with correct adverbs or prepositions. (10 points)

  1、The children filed _____the theater quietly, as the play had already begun.

  2、It’s so cold that I feel _____ sneezing.

  3、We should feel proud and self-assured when we look back _____ the days we have passed in college.

  4、He was a naughty boy when he was little, but now, he has come _____understand that he should do something good to other people.

  5、Sometimes we need to scream _____ the top of our lungs to relax ourselves.


  1. into. 孩子们安静的走进剧院,剧已经上映。file into鱼贯而入;根据从句的提示,这里应是 into而不是out of。     2. like. 天气很冷以致我想打喷嚏。feel like doing想要,like为介词.     3. on/upon.当我们回顾大学生活时,应感到骄傲和自信。back on/upon…回忆,回顾。此为固定搭配。     4.to. 他小时候是一个淘气的孩子,但现在已逐渐明白应做一些对他人有好处的事。come to do逐渐开始。     5. at.有时我们大声呼喊以放松自己 at the top of one’s lungs为固定搭配,表示“大声地”;at the top of sth.在……上面。

  IV. Choose the one that best completes the sentence. (10 points)1. How can you convince him_____ the death of his wife, since he was with her a few minutes ago?    A. of                      B. on                   C. in                 D. from2. It is easy for a horse to _____ at the sound of guns.     A. frighten           B. surprise          C. horrify            D. panic3. The experiment involves _____ on some mice.     A. to operating        B. operating        C. to be operating       D. in operating 4. After the bell rang, the teacher began to pass _____ papers to the anxiously waiting students.     A. away           B. out           C. through            D. by5. The train _____ arrive at 5 pm was late for six hours.    A. due to            B. have to             C. suppose to             D. owing to


  1. A. 你如何能使他相信妻子的死讯,几分钟前他们还在一起。本题考固定搭配convince sb. of sth.使某人相信某事。 2. D. frighten, horrify, surprise均为及物动词, 在此不合要求。Frighten是吃惊,害怕,horrify使恐怖,使惊骇,surprise使吃惊,惊讶,panic vi.受惊,惊慌。 3. B. 这个实验要给几个老鼠做手术。Involve 为及物动词,后接名词性的词语,不接不定式。 4. B. 铃响后,老师将试卷发给焦急等待着试卷的学生 Pass away去世,pass out 分发,pass through 经过,穿过,经历;pass by 经过,掠过。 5. A. 应5点钟到的火车晚了6个小时 Due为形容词,表示“预期的,应到的”;owing to 表示“由于,因为”。此处应填入定语;have to 和suppose to 在这里不符合句子结构要求。

  V. Read the following passages and give the best answer to each question with the information you have got from the passage. (20 points)Passage 1 Dear Sir or Madam:          I should like to have you consider my application for the position of accountant that you advertised in the April 26th issue of the Times.         I am a graduate of the Oriental School of Commerce with seven years accounting experience in two responsible positions. The details of my education and experience are given on the enclosed sheet.         While my experience has been largely in manufacturing, I have had a great desire to get into the employ of trading company because of the wider field of work and the greater opportunity for broadening one’s knowledge of how business is done.          After three years’ experience with the Yokohama Steel Company, I took a position with Douglass & Elliot. During the four years that I have been with this firm, I have gained a good knowledge of manufacturing accounting and have been promoted several times.          May I have an interview at your convenience to substantiate these statements and to answer your questions?                                                                                    Very truly yours                                                                                                     John

  1. According to the passage, which of the following is true_____?    A. The Times will employ an accountant.     B. John has seven years’ accounting experience.    C. John worked in Yokohama for four years.    D. John studied in the Orient School of Commerce for six years.2. Paragraph three implies that _____.    A. John plans to do business some day    B. John doesn’t hope to be only a good accountant    C. John has a good knowledge of how business is done    D. John is interested in manufacturing3. The purpose of writing Paragraph four is to show that _____.    A. John is a good accountant     B. John plans to do business some day    C. John is a top student in the Orient School of Commerce     D. John has worked for some famous companies4. The word “substantiate” means______.    A.verify? B. justify? C. impress D. elaborate 5. Which of the following best describes the passage as whole?    A. It is an application letter.     B. It is an order letter.    C. It is a sales letter.    D. It is a public relations letter.

  参考答案:1. B    2.B    3.A     4.A    5.A

  Passage 2      Many people believe the glare from snow cause snow-blindness. Yet, dark glasses or not, they find themselves suffering from headaches and watering eyes, and even snow-blindness, when exposed to several hours of “snow-light”.       The United Stated Army has now determined that the glare from snow does not cause snow-blindness in troops in a snow-covered country. Rather, a man’s eyes frequently find nothing to focus on in broad expanse of barren snow-covered terrain. So his gaze continually shifts and jumps back and forth over the entire landscape in search of something to look at. Finding nothing hour after hour, the eyes never stop searching and eyeballs become sore and the eye muscles ache. Nature offsets his irritation by producing more and more fluid which covers the eyeball. The fluid covers the eyeball in increasing quantity until vision blurs, and then is obscured, and the result is total, even though temporary, snow-blindness.        Experiments led the Army to a simple method of overcoming this problem. Scouts ahead of main body of troops are trained to shake snow from evergreen bushes, creating a dotted line as they cross completely snow-covered landscape. Even the scouts themselves throw lightweight, dark colored objects ahead on which they too can focus. The men following can then see something. Their gaze is arrested. Their eyes focus on a bush and stop searching over the snow-blindness landscape for something to see. By focusing their attention on one object at a time, the men can cross the snow without becoming hopelessly snow-blind and the white terrain is overcome.6. According to the passage, to prevent headaches, watering eyes and blindness caused by the glare from snow, dark glassed are _____.     A. useful  B. indispensable C. ineffective D. effective 7. The eyeballs become sore and the eyes muscles ache because _____.     A. tears cover the eyeballs     B. the eyes are irritated by blinding sunlight in the snow-land     C. the eyes are irritated by blinding snow     D. there is nothing to focus on8. When the eyes are sore, tears are produced to _____.     A. clear the vision    B. relieve snow-blindness      C. ease the irritation D. loosen the muscles 9. Snow-blindness may be avoided by _____.     A. concentrating on the solid white terrain      B. providing the eyes with something to focus on     C. searching for something to look at in snow-covered terrain      D. covering the eyeballs with fluid10. The scouts shake snow from evergreen bushes in order to _____.      A. give the men behind something to see     B. find out what is under     C. warm themselves in the cold     D. show the way forward to the men behind

  参考答案:6.C    7.D    8.C    9.B    10.A

  VI. Short answer questions. (10 points)Directions: In this part there is a short passage with five questions or incomplete statements. Read the passage carefully. Then answer the questions or complete the statements in the fewest possible words (not exceeding 10 words).         When we are learning a foreign language, we constantly have to fight a battle, and that is a battle with our own language, always wants to interfere with the target language. Every time we want to say something, we have to push aside our own language, because it keeps coming up in front. And we only become successful at doing this when we manage to suppress our own language and use the target language with some degree of fluency. So this means that grammar does have a role in language learning. It is not something we are completely unconscious of. And I think there are three good reasons why we still need grammar.            The first reason is that when we are learning English as a foreign language, we cannot avoid grammar. We are learning a language in an artificial situation, in the classroom; we are not learning a language as young child following his mother round the room, and copying things she says and doing things she tells him to do. We are learning, sitting in rows, in a highly artificial way, so that it takes a long time to acquire language and grammar. Every time we learn something, we have questions about it.            The second reason why we need grammar when we are learning a foreign language as grown-ups, is that grammar gives us shortcut to learning. It’s a quick way to understand something. The more information we are given, the more it helps us to understand something. The more information we are given, the more tit helps us to understand the principles of language acquisition, so that we can communicate better.            The third reason why we learn grammar is that it is expected. In other words, it is unimaginable that we would learn a language and not have any grammar. If we don’t have any grammar, all the mistakes we make will become a habit, and we will learn to form very, very bad habits in the way we express ourselves, because no one would correct us.Q1. What is the topic of this passage?_____________________________________________________________________Q2. Why do we have to fight a battle with our own language?_____________________________________________________________________Q3. What does the author mean by “… learning a language in an artificial situation” (line 2. Para. 2)?_____________________________________________________________________Q4. The reason why grown-ups need grammar when learning a foreign language is that grammar_____________________________________________________________________Q5. From the last paragraph, we see that without grammar _____________________________________________________________________


  1. Why we learn/need grammar when learning a foreign language2. Because it always wants to interfere with the target language.3. Just sitting in classroom in a highly artificial way.4. Gives them a shortcut to learning/ gives them a quick way to understand something.5. We wouldn’t know whether we express ourselves correctly.

  VII. Translate the following sentences into Chinese. (15 points)

  1、I just want to impress you that, even though you have completed four years of engineering, there are still many things about the subject that you don’t know.

  2、The years have obscured that name of the professor, but not the lesson she taught.

  3、Their smiles broadened as the students noted there were only five essay-type questions.

  4、I have been panicking at the idea of graduating.

  5、This was the year that I made some lifelong friends, and through many triumphs and failures. I came to know more about myself.


  1. 我想让你们牢牢记住,即使你们已经完成了四年工科学习,这个领域中你们还有很多东西要学。 2. 悠悠岁月使我忘记了这位教授的名字,但我牢牢记住了他的教诲。 3. 看到只有5道论述题,学生们一个个脸上笑开了花。 4. 一想到毕业心里就一阵阵恐慌。 5. 正是这一年,我结交了一些终身好友,历经多次的成功与失败,我对自己有了更多的了解。

  VIII. Translate the following sentences into English. (15 points)


  2、对于孩子们来说, 用积木来摆个房子简直是小菜一碟。





  1. Even though he was very tired, he managed to climb up to the top of the mountain.2. It is a just snap for the children to build up a house with the blocks.3. I find myself being left behind. 4. In less than three weeks, I will meet my kids coming back from overseas.5. Before graduation, many students couldn’t wait to find a job.

  Quiz for Unit 2

  I. Spell the following words with the help of their definitions and first letters given (10 points)1. i_____ n. a problem or subject people discuss2. o_____n. a chance to do sth. or an occasion when it is easy to do sth.3. e_____ v. to give and receive (sth. in return for sth. else)4. i_____ n. the effect or influence that and event, situation, etc. has on sb.5. m_____ n. a particular task or duty undertaken by an individual or a group

  参考答案:1. issue     2. opportunity     3. exchange     4.impact    5. mission

  Ⅱ. Complete the following sentences with the words given below, change the form where necessary. (10 points)                  amount      extend      obtain     pursue     injure

  1、The young lady wants to _____ her bachelor's degree in two years.

  2、His girlfriend was seriously _____ in a broad accident when she attempted to get across the road.

  3、My parents have spent a large _____of money in enabling me to continue my study.

  4、They _____the railway to the next town.

  5、She _____the goal of perfection in her heart.

  参考答案:1. obtain    2. injured    3. amount    4. extended    5. pursues

  Ⅲ. Fill the following blanks with correct adverbs or prepositions. (10 points)

  1、The teacher asked his students to comment _____the film they had just seen.

  2、The only access _____the village is by boat.

  3、Your hair and eyes remind me _____ your mother.

  4、I have no intention ______changing my plans to fit in with his.?

  5、Can I connect my printer ______your computer?


  1. on. 老师要求他的学生对所看过的电影发表评论 2. to. 只能乘小船进入这个村庄。 acccess做名词时,后面一般跟介词to,表示“接近,进入,通道,使用....的权利”。但表示“(疾病的)发作,(怒气的)爆发”时,则不接to,如in an access of rage勃然大怒。 3. of 你的头发和眼睛让我想起了你的母亲。 remind sb. of sth.为固定搭配,表示“使某人想起,提醒某人想起某事”4. of  我没有改变计划来迎合他的想法。 intention 是名词,表示“有...的意图”时,一般的搭配是have intention of doing sth. 或者Have intention to do sth. 本题中空格后面changing是动名词形式,所以用of.5. To. 我可以把打印机连到你的电脑上吗? 表示“把...连接到”时一般的搭配是connect sth.1+to(with)+sth.2 如果sth.1 与sth.2 是对等或相当的东西,多用with;如果sth.1 是sth.2的附属部分则用to。

  Ⅳ.Choose the one that best completes the sentence. (10 points)1. More information becomes _____through the use of the internet.       A. attainable        B. available          C. approchable        D.applicable 2. _____ all her other qualifications. Mary was an excellent cook.      A. except            B. in addition to    C. besides               D. except for3. Which is the best approach _____ the tunnel?      A. to                  B. with                  C. besides               D. towards 4. Not until recently did I _____the college life.       A. use to            B. get use to          C. used to               D. used in5. It is not _____to quarrel with your boss.     A. worthy          B. worth                C. value                  D. valuable


  1. B. 通过网络,可以获取更多的信息。 这四个形容词在意思上非常结进,但描述的对象却有区别。attainable主要指“(目标等)可以实现的,可达成的,(场所,年龄等)可达到的”。available描述的对象较广,指可“利用的,能够得到”。approachable主要指“(场所)可接近的,可进入的;applicable(人)易于接近的。则主要 “( 规则,计划,安排, 解决办法等)切实可行的 ”。所以本题选B2.B 除其他方面的资格外,玛丽还是一个出色的厨师。 这四个短语都可以表示“除...之外”的意思,但表达的意义却有区别。except 的意思是“从整体里减去一部分”,因为“所说的道理或事实不能适用于那部分”,着重于排除在外,如;We all went there except Xiao Li. 除小李外,我们都到那去了。except 还要求后面所指的必须是主句内容的一部分或同类。except for要不是,除...之外,没有“必须是主句内容的一部分或同类”的限制。 in addition to 则强调“另外,加之,除....之外,又......”。besides表示“除...之外,另外还有”,也要求后面所指必须是主句内容的一部分或同类,如;I have five other books besides this.除这本以外,我还有5本别的书。而本题中qualification与cook既不是同类,也不是后者的一部分。所以本题选B3. A  哪条路是通往隧道的最佳途径。 Approach作名词时,表示“入口,通道,接近,解决问题的办法步骤”等含义,后一般接介词 to 。如;an approach to the bridge.通向桥的路。 4. B 知道最近我才适应大学生活。 Use 可以直接做及物动词和名词用,后面不直接用 to。后面接 to 时一般有以下3种搭配:1)过去式used+to+v.表示“过去常常,往往”,如: I used to go there. 我过去常到那里去。Used he (Did he use) to come by bus?他过去常乘公共汽车来吗? 2)be(become, get) used+to+n. 表示习惯于某事,如: I become used to noodles now. 我现在习惯于吃面条了。3)be used to+v. 表示被用来做,如:Waterfall can be used to generate electricity. 瀑布可以用来发电。 5. A? 和你的老板争吵不值得。 Worth后面一般接名词或动名词,如: Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. 凡是值得做的事都值得好好去做。Worthy 后可接 of +n.或to do如:A man worthy of praise/worthy to be praised值得称赞的人。value n. 价值; valuable adj. 有价值的。所以本题选A。

  Ⅴ. Read the following passages and give the best answers to each question with the information you give have got from the passage. (20 points)Passage 1        In the 1960s, medical researchers Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe developed a checklist of stressful events. They appreciated the tricky point that any major change can be stressful. Negative events like “serious illness of a family member” were high on the list, but so were some positive life-changing events, like marriage. When you take the Thomas Holmes test you must remember that the score does not reflect how you deal with stress----it only shows how much you have to deal with. And we now know that the way you handle these events dramatically affects your chances of staying healthy.       By the early 1970s, hundreds of similar studies had followed Holmes and Rahe. And millions of Americans who worked and lived under stress worried over reports. Somehow, the research got boiled down to a memorable message. Women’s magazine’s ran headlines like “stress causes illness.” If you want to stay physically and mentally healthy, the articles said, avoid stressful events.       But such simplistic advice is impossible to follow. Even if stressful events are dangerous, many-like the death of a loved one---are impossible to avoid. Moreover, any warning to avoid all stressful events is prescription(处方)? for staying away from opportunities as well as trouble. Since any change can be stressful, a person who wanted to be completely free of stress would never marry, have a child, take a new job or move. The notion that all stress makes you sick also ignores a lot of what about people. It assumes we’re vulnerable(脆弱的) and passive in the face of adversity(逆境). But what about human initiative and creativity? Many come through periods of stress with more physical and mental vigor than they had before. We also know that long time without change or challenge can lead to boredom, and physical and mental strain. 1. The result of Holmes-rahe’s medical research tells us _____     A. that the way you handle major events may cause stress     B. what should be done to avoid stress     C. what kind of event would cause stress     D. how to cope with sudden changes in life2. The studies on stress in the early 1970s led to _____     A. widespread concern over its harmful effects     B. great panic over the mental disorder it could cause     C. an intensive research into stress-related illness     D. popular avoidance of stressful jobs3. The score of the Holmes-rahe test shows _____     A. how much pressure you are under      B. how positive events can change your life     C. how stressful a major events can be      D. how you can deal with life-changing events4. Why is “such simplistic advice” (line1, para.3) impossible to follow_____?     A. no one can stay on the same job for long     B. no prescription is effective in relieving stress     C. people have to get married someday     D. you could be missing opportunities5. According to the passage, people who experienced ups and downs may become ______     A. nervous when faced with difficulties     B. physically and mentally strained     C. more capable of coping with adversity     D. indifferent towards what happens to them  参考答案:1. A    2. A    3. A     4. B     5. C