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新视野大学英语 第二版 第三册 课后翻译答案10

第二版新视野大学英语读写教程第三册答案unit 10


Pre-reading activities

W: In just a minute, we'll introduce an old friend of yours, and I'll interview you both about your unique friendship. But first, do you have something to say?

M: I'd like to make something clear. The man isn't my friend, well, not really.

W: You mean you don't like him?

M: No. That's not quite it I've never met him.

W: How do you know him then?

M: My family members always told me how great he was. It really made me angry at times. But I guess it was kind of good for me too, because it caused me to work harder and harder.

W: I'm excited to hear more! Let's bring him out here and learn what he has to say!

1. The man isn't really his friend.

2. He was great

3. (Open-ended.)

Comprehension of the Text


1. He thought that Aunt Carrie was his favorite relative and favorite authority figure, and that she was generous with smiles, praise and was tolerant.

2. He did not feel good about it, because his first day was disastrous and John's went well.

3. John advanced quickly while the writer was slow.

4. He took them as a challenge although disliked them

5. He thought that his stories were an extension of his own desires to rise above John Bullyer.

6. He learned about John mainly through newspapers.

7. They both thought that the other was taller, smarter, and more handsome.

8. Both of them were finally positive about their life competition, because they both felt grateful to their aunt.



1.harness 2.percentage 3.impose 4.authorities 5.dreading 6.drawbacks 7.universe 8.extension 9.broaden 10.practically

Exercises on Web course only:

11. dynamic 12. spacecraft 13. specimen


1. on 2. with 3. to 4. with 5. by 6. to 7. At 8. as 9. for 10. on/upon

Exercises on Web course only:

11. for 12. for


1.L 2.J 3.O 4.C 5.H 6. M 7. A 8.G 9.F 10. D



1. defeat 2. truth 3. responsibility 4. guilt 5 need 6. mistake 7. love 8. effect 9. fact 10. identity





I could then admit defeat and lie down and die.



One of the problems we may have, regarding lying, is not having as honest enough heart to admit the truth



None of these people will admit responsibility for their actions.



He admitted his guilt



Presently, many, if not most Americans, admit the need for tighter laws to control the ownership of handguns



From my standpoint, you should admit your mistakes and try hard next time.



When are you going to admit year love for me?



They don't care why yon did it—they just want yon to admit the great effect your behavior had on them.



They think they must admit this fact in order to get rid of their problems



With more than a suggestion of discomfort, he spoke my name and I, somewhat reluctantly, admitted my identity.


Word Building


1. subordinate 2. subheadings 3. submerging 4. subdivided 5. subcontinent 6. submarine 7. subhuman 8. subway


l.e 2.h 3.b 4.c 5.g 6.d 7.f 8. a

Sentence Structure

1. Wherever you go, you can always find Coca-Cola.

2. However rich people are, they always want more.

3. Whoever you marry, make sure he can cook.

4. Whichever day you come, we'll be pleased to see you.

5. They found the people friendly wherever they went


1. Turn on TV and you will often see advertisements snowing happy, balanced families.

2. Five minutes earlier and you could have caught the last train.

3. Start acting like a hero and I'll hit you.

4. Work hard and you'll pass your examinations.

5. Arrive late once more and you'll be fired.




1.1 went to the library and read whatever I could find about the causes of the mysterious disappearances of the ships and planes in the Bermuda Triangle.

2. Continue treating friends like this, and you will lose them all.

3. They must know their product thoroughly and know how to promote sales by word of mouth, telephone or letter.

4. It suddenly dawned on me that money couldn't make up for all that he had suffered in the past five years.

5. Some people refer to translation as science while others take it as art.

6. Instead of imposing personal views upon others, we should promote democracy.










l.B 2.C 3. A 4.B 5.D 6. A 7. B 8. D 9. C 10. B 11. B 12. A 13. B 14. D 15. B 16. A 17. C 18. D 19. A 20. B

Text Structure Analysis

John Bullyer was doing mathematical work that supported big, scientific projects. Occasional paragraphs in newspapers charted his steady success. On the occasion when he retired, a report said that his last job was the harnessing of solar power for a satellite put into orbit.

I was, by that time, successful in my own line, having written a streak of 30 bestsellers without a single failure.

Structured Writing


Shopping has changed in recent years. Going shopping took time and strength in the past. If you were to buy food, household items and clothing, you had to visit different shops. Sometimes they were not within walking distance. You had to take a bus to go from one place to another. It was not unusual that shopping would take you a whole day and at the time you returned home, you'd he completely exhausted.

In contrast, shopping nowadays has become something enjoyable. A lot of supermarkets, in which prices are usually lower and a wider variety of items are offered-mainly food, household items, clothing, bedding and furniture or even anything that is out of your imagination. So you cast hay everything you need in a single supermarket. Most of the supermarkets operate on the "serve yourself' method: You go in. pick up a basket, walk round it and choose what you want. At the exit there is a checkout lane where you pay for everything at one time.


Reading Skills


1. Denotation: the curved or circular shape

Connotation(s): the act of going around somewhere. The implied meaning is that the policeman was going around the area, trying doors and consequently seeing now and then the lights of an emergency dental office or something of the sort.

2. Denotation: make a deep hollow sound

Connotation(s): loudly spread to the streets. The implied meaning is that the streets were quiet, and that even bars were careful not to get their loud music into the streets.

3. Denotation: say what medicine a sick person should or must have

Connotation(s): The West is tough enough to make a man strong. Here the West is compared to a doctor.

4. Denotation: (of an army or the police) surround a place and try to gain control of it or force someone to come out of it

Connotation(s): blow hard on the city streets. The implied meaning of the sentence is that the wind was very strong and blew hard on the city streets like an army making a fierce attack on its enemy.

5. Denotation: production

Connotation(s): his achievements. The implied meaning of the sentence is that the man from the West was boasting about how he made his "achievements": rising to the top by means legal or illegal, etc.

6. Denotation: (cause to) change shape, the true or intended meaning, or direction

Connotation(s): change a good man into a bad one. The use of the word "twist" suggests that the man was not only changed in appearance but also in nature.

Comprehension of the Text


l.D 2. A 3.C 4. A 5.C 6.D 7. B 8. A



1. sucked 2. visible 3. booming 4. fared 5. output 6. installed 7. routines 8. prescribe 9. tore 10. emitting

Exercises on Web course only:

11. stripes 12. twists 13. strap 14. deduct 15. certificate


1. run into trouble 2. let alone 3. free of 4. deducted from 5. torn down 6. rise to the top 7. toying with 8. laid siege to 9. making her way 10. on my way

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