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  This winter vacation, the sudden new pneumonia disrupted the pace of people's celebration of the Spring Festival, especially in Wuhan, a serious epidemic area, a large number of people's livelihood diseases led to doctors' emergency, beds' emergency, medical supplies' emergency, and a war without gunpowder is starting.


  The virus has no lover. Every change of the epidemic affected the hearts of the people of the whole country and even the people of the world: neighboring Japan not only did not refuse Chinese tourists to enter China, but also gave a large number of medical materials to our country; overseas students tried their best to raise masks and transport them back to China at the first time; medical students and nurses from all over the world left their families and rushed to the front line to cure the disease and save the people, and they worked day and night, tired and trapped Lying on the table and resting on the ground for a while, Huzhou's 83 year old grandfather made a living by picking up rubbish, but he did not hesitate to donate the ten thousand yuan saved by frugality; an uncle from Anhui ran into the police station, threw 500 masks, turned around and left, silently giving his love.


  Looking at the warm stories on the Internet, I am deeply moved and would like to offer a love and do my best to help those in need. However, I have neither protective equipment to donate, nor the ability to cure the disease and save people. What should I do? Just when I was sad, Dad smiled and pointed out a way for me - online donation. So, I quickly took out 130 yuan of class scholarship that I earned through my hard work last semester, and asked my father to donate through the online donation platform of Ningbo Charity Federation. After receiving it, the Charity Federation gave me a donation certificate! Although the money was not much, it was my own income from labor, which represented my intention.


  I believe that the difficulty is only temporary. Through our joint efforts, we will win the war against the virus and usher in a warm spring day as soon as possible.



  Recently, the new coronavirus is rampant in China. Academician Zhong Nanshan, fighting in the front line of anti epidemic, said that the best way to prevent virus infection is to stay at home. If there is an emergency, you must wear a mask when you go out.


  The epidemic is more serious than we think. There are not enough materials in many places, but there are many people from all walks of life who are caring, who are donating money, who are donating protective clothing I can't help but feel touched by the news. I want to contribute as much to the fight against the epidemic as they do. At present, the whole country responds to the call of self-conscious isolation at home, and vegetables are in short supply. Thinking of this, I will discuss with my mother and grandma, and give the dishes that grandma grows to those who need them, and then we will meet at once. We immediately went to the fields to cut vegetables, clean up the roots and bad leaves, put them into the community, and then my mother was responsible for issuing an announcement in the owners' group of our community, and soon gave the vegetables to the residents in need, winning their unanimous praise.


  Help others to be happy. I have also made a contribution to the fight against the epidemic, and my heart is also sweet! Finally, I hope that all of us can consciously isolate, and we will surely overcome the barrier of new coronavirus! Wish our motherland more and more powerful!



  We are in the new year, but they are passing the customs. In the fear of the virus, they are fearless all the way.


  In front of the novel coronavirus, they rushed to the front line, and they were not afraid of difficulties. They are the angels in white from all provinces and cities, and they are the reversers on the road of anti-virus.


  Grandfather Zhong Nanshan, 83, could have avoided the danger of the virus and lived in his old age, but he stood up when the people needed him most, just like when the SARS virus broke out 17 years ago. Seventeen years ago, he said firmly, "send all the patients to me!" the firm words shocked the whole world. Over the past 17 years, this heart of serving the people has never changed, and its retrograde aspiration to serve the people's security has never changed.


  There are many doctors and nurses. On the new year's Eve, when we have family reunion dinner and the whole family is happy, they leave their families and set foot on the battlefield in Wuhan. These rebels fight for people's safety in the hospital field.


  Pay homage to the rebellious, revere nature and guard life. They interpret "dedication of love" and "sincerity of great doctors" with persistence and perseverance. We sincerely salute them. Let's fight this war without gunpowder together, and look forward to their early return and family reunion. Let's go to the streets together and share the flowers!




  The novel coronavirus pneumonia is aggressive it's only human. The medical staff are ordinary people, and they are also afraid of death and infection. At the back of the isolation mask are vivid faces, and the protective clothing is not covered with flesh and blood. "I'm afraid in my heart. I'm sure I'm afraid. But this job is my mission. I have to stick to it. If we don't rush up, who will go up?" As a nurse of Jinyintan hospital in Wuhan said, only when it is difficult can it show courage. The stronger the instinct of fear is, the more it highlights the professional spirit and responsibility of front-line medical workers. We know who you are, the angel in white, the fearless warrior, the hope of life, and who you are for, for responsibility, for responsibility, and for saving lives.


  The city is not alone, love is boundless. In order to win the epidemic prevention and control war, the first batch of severe and respiratory doctors in Shanghai have been sent to Wuhan; 135 people from Sichuan have been sent to set up the first batch of medical teams to assist Hubei; 1000 medical staff from southern hospital have been invited to fight against the new pneumonia; TCM specialists from Beijing Guang'anmen Hospital and Beijing Traditional Chinese medicine hospital have started their treatment work in Wuhan He who is willing to help the poor and cross the river will bear the responsibility of the doctor; he who is willing to contribute will be sincere in his great medicine. In the critical moment, the fearless and continuous figures of these white clad soldiers marching against the wind make us cry. It is they who rush forward and build the most critical defense line that can gather the great power of all people and make great contributions to the victory of the epidemic prevention and control war.



  This year, a new type of pneumonia broke out in Wuhan, causing worldwide panic.


  History is always strikingly similar. Seventeen years ago today, SARS broke out and the whole country fell into panic. Now that the war breaks out again, we will unite as one and share the same hatred.


  How many people are suffering from infection and dying; how many are brave enough to go forward and not afraid of sacrifice.


  The virus spread in Wuhan in an instant, and countless citizens have been recruited. And the virus has spread to all parts of the country. At present, 1345 new pneumonia cases and 41 deaths have been reported in the country. These figures are shocking. Seeing these figures, we can't help but say from the bottom of our hearts: "come on, Wuhan! Come on, China! "


  In spite of this, we did not flinch. "The encouragement and support from family members give them confidence to overcome the disease," said a new pneumonia patient who was about to leave hospital Although he was still wearing a mask, he could not conceal his inner joy.


  The news of the successful cure has undoubtedly given people great joy: pneumonia is curable! This has strengthened the confidence of the Chinese people in fighting against the virus, which is of great significance! An old reporter said.


  When the rapid report of the success of the cure came, there was a more warm news: academician Zhong arrived in Wuhan by car. Yes, academician Zhong Nanshan, the anti non hero! Billions of people shouted: he came, he came, he came!


  At this moment, doctors stand up like soldiers and go to Wuhan to treat patients. They gave up their holidays, and they didn't care about their lives. They rushed to Wuhan without hesitation. A doctor with more than 20 years of service wrote in his application: "no matter how much you are paid, whether you are alive or dead." In a word, you can see the heroic spirit of throwing your head and sprinkling blood.


  The reporter interviewed a nurse in the intensive care unit of Wuhan hospital. Reporter: how would you feel? The nurse replied: I'm sure I'm a little nervous or even scared before I go into the ward, but I won't feel these feelings after I go in. "Why?" "Because I put on my white coat, I have a sense of responsibility in my heart, and I will not be afraid." In the face of questions, the nurse said firmly, with perseverance in her eyes. At this moment, she is wearing a white jacket, holding a fist, panting to answer the reporter's questions.


  We must do a good job in logistical protection when there are soldiers in front of us. Do not go out, wear masks when going out, resist the attack of the virus, and let our soldiers have no worries.


  We must protect ourselves. I believe that we will win the war soon.



  Novel coronavirus is a casual visitor to the Spring Festival during this winter vacation. It's a virus that is full of corolla and is highly infectious. It's mainly transmitted by droplets.


  Because of its break in, the original lively Spring Festival also appears so pale. We can't play happily with our little friends; adults can't visit relatives and friends as usual; we can't go out and enjoy the beautiful food, and the whole Spring Festival is shrouded in a tense atmosphere. We can only stay at home and wear masks when we go out.


  When we complain about being bored at home, there are such a group of amiable and respectable people who risk their lives and escort us day and night.


  Grandpa Zhong Nanshan, 84, once again went out to fight for the people to rescue the patients. He told us to eat and sleep on time to increase our body's resistance. But he himself worked day and night. Dad showed me a picture. Grandpa Zhong's eyes were full of tears because of his hard work day and night. I want to say to Grandpa Zhong, "you are a hero who has touched countless Chinese people!"


  There are also such a group of medical staff, who have no bold words, but bravely move forward in the most dangerous place! Many doctors and nurses can't care for their parents, leave their children behind, regardless of pay, regardless of life and death, and safeguard the people's health. Because of the lack of masks, they don't get the most basic protection. My mother showed me a picture of the nurse's aunt taking off her mask. Her face and nose were bloodstained by the mask. I want to say to them, "thank you, this is the most beautiful makeup on your face!"


  In the epidemic area of Wuhan, there are also a group of construction workers, who are racing against the clock to speed up the construction of the hospital. They are also overworked in order to receive more pneumonia patients. I saw their worn hands under the gloves and was more moved by their heartache. I want to say to the builders, "you're working hard!"


  There are a lot of volunteers who have paid silently for the epidemic. They are united to fight the epidemic.


  In my heart, they are all the most lovely people in the world!


  At present, what we need to do is to wash hands and wear masks frequently, not go out, not get together, often ventilate and strengthen the body. I believe that the epidemic will soon pass and spring will soon come!