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  When we talk about being independent, we often think about leaving our parents and living alone. The mental independence is always ignored by people, mental independence means the person can measure the things and make the right decision. As for the children, even they move out and stay far away from their parents, but sometimes they just can’t control themselves, they will get the bad behavior, like smoking and drinking, their life is losing control. The young people need to cultivate their independent spirit, they should think by themselves, learn to take care of the other people, thus they can be the real independent. When a person grows up, they can be strong enough to support their lives and at the same time, they can be mature enough to make their own decision. They can tell what is wrong and what is right.




  In our life, we will be nice to other people, while when facing our parents, we are impatient and even argue with them. People always think their parents don’t understand them and refuse to talk to them, they show the worse temper in the ones who love them and will never leave them, but they show their kindest fact to the strangers. It is a sad thing, the reason that people show their badness to the dearest lies in that people just get used to the presentation of their relatives, they know in their hearts that their parents won’t leave them, no matter what they do. Our relatives will never leave us, they take care us all the time, they are the dearest persons in the world. People neglect it, so we should be nice to our parents, love them and communicate with them.



  In our parents’ generation, there are less people have the eyesight problem, because the digital products were not so developed at that time, but nowadays, with the development of these products, more and more people have the problem of short eyesight. When I look around my classmates, I find only have few student don’t wear glass. People’s bad reading behavior makes their eyesight weaker, they can do the right things to correct it. First, we should not read in the dark situation. Many students like to read in the dark before they go to bed, it hurts the eye so much. Second, we should not stare at the book or the TV and computer in a long time, we need to take a rest every 40minutes, looking at the distance or the green color will ease our eyes. Eyes are window of our soul, we need to protect them.



  Diamonds are rare, beautiful, and also quite useful. They are the hardest substance found in nature. That means a diamond can cut any other surface. And only another diamond can make a slight cut in a diamond.

  Diamonds are made from carbon. Carbon is found in all living things, both plant and animal. Much of the carbon in the earth comes from things that once lived.

  Scientists know that the combination of extreme heat and pressure changes carbon into diamonds. Such heat and pressure exist only in the hot, liquid mass of molten rock deep inside the earth. It is thought that millions of years ago this liquid mass pushed upward through cracks in the earth’s crust. As the liquid cooled, the carbon changed into diamond crystals.

  There are only four areas where very many diamonds have been found.

  The first known area was in India, where diamonds were found thousands of years ago. In the 1600’s, travelers from Europe brought back these beautiful stones from India. Diamonds became very popular with the kings and queens of Europe.

  In the 1720’s, diamonds were discovered in Brazil. This discovery came at a good time, too. India’s supply of diamonds was finally running out after 2,500 years of mining the stones.

  In the 1800’s, two other important areas were found in Russia and South Africa. Today, most diamonds used in industry come from Russia. Most diamonds used as gems come from South Africa. Only 25 percent of all diamonds mined are good enough for cutting into gems.

  Most of the diamonds in India were found in stream beds. People would pick up handfuls of gravel from the bottom of the streams and sort out the diamonds. These diamonds were probably carried from where they were formed to India by great sheets of moving ice that covered parts of the earth 20,000 years ago.

  Most diamonds today are not found in stream beds, however. They are mined from rock formations deep inside the earth called pipes. Scientists believe that these are parts of volcanoes that were formed when molten rock pushed upward through the earth’s crust. The hard rock in which diamonds are found is called blue ground, because it is somewhat blue. The blue ground is blasted into large pieces of rock which are carried to the surface by elevator. Then the rocks are carefully crushed so that the diamonds are not destroyed. Next, the crushed material is taken over to washing tables. Here, it flows over boards thickly coated with grease. Since diamonds stick to grease, they are left behind by the rocks and mud which flow down the tables.

  Diamonds, as they are found, do not look very impressive. They are gray, greasy-looking pebbles. Experienced diamond miners can tell a diamond immediately. But some people have carried around an unusual pebble for weeks before finding out that they had got a diamond.


  Li Ming and Wang Ying are two students of Senior Three. They both work hard and but they have different learning methods.

  Li Ming often sleeps in class instead of listening to the teacher. As a result, he misses lots of points that the teacher makes and it usually takes him more time to finish his homework. So he has to stay up late and doesn’t get enough sleep.

  However, Wang Ying has quite a different way of learning. She listens attentively and tries to catch everything that the teacher says in class. Because of this, she spends less time doing her homework, which makes it possible for her to go to bed early.

  In my opinion, Wang Ying learns more effectively in class and has more free time to enjoy herself, so I prefer her learning method.


  Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to our school,we arenow on the top of the turnstorey office building.Fromhere,we can see the whole campus,On the right, thethree storey building is our library which has toolarge reading rooms and more than 100,000 copiesbooks.On the left, it is the experiment building. inwhich there are a dozen for physics, chemicals andbiology and two language labs.and front of us,acrossthe garden is the five storey class room building.more than 1,300 students study in the 24 classroom there.behind the class room building is the sports field.and on the right hand are ourstadium and the swimming poor.on the left hand are the students dormitory. that is all youcan see of our school.And I hope all of you will enjoy staying here, thank you.




  Is Watching TV a Good Thing?

  Is Watching TV a Good Thing?

  Television has changed people's life much since it was invented. Now it has become one important part of modern life.

  People enjoy themselves after hard work by watching TV. They can see some plays, some stories, some sports matches without going out of home, and without spending much money in buying tickets. TV programmes make people's life more interesting.

  People learn much from TV, students can study by watching some educational programmes. People can see news, weather reports, programmes about science and computers. People all over the world can learn from each other and get knowledge when they are watching TV.

  But not all the programmes are good enough. Today, there are too much programmes about love and crime. Some people become bad because they learn from the bad people in those programmes. And watching TV usually takes too much time. It's not good for people's work and study. It's not good for their eyes, either.

  People all over the world are watching TV. Is watching TV a good thing or a bad one? I think it depends on people themselves. If one can choose good programmes and he doesn't spend too much time on TV, it can be a good thing for him.


  Nowadays more and more families own private cars. Private cars, as the product of modem civilization, have been playing a vital role in people's daily activities. First, private cars are a convenient means of transportation. You can go wherever you like. Secondly, there is no doubt that private cars will have a great impact on the economic growth. The rapid car industry growth will contribute much to keeping the country's economy growing at a higher rate in the near futrue.

  But every coin has two sides. The development of the private cars will bring about a series of problems. For example, the polluted air given off by cars will do great harm to our health, too many private cars will lead to traffic jams and a great deal of energy will be wasted and so on.

  So I think we should take advantages of private cars and make them serve us better. Meantime we hope that satisfactory solutions to these negative problems will be found soon.





  Warm flowers 温暖的花


  Mr. Wang is a retired worker. He loves flowers very much.

  It was cold outside in winter, so he thought his flowers might be cold. He started the fire to heat a pot of water.

  After the water was boiling, Mr. Wang watered the flowers with it. He thought happily, "Now it will be warm."

  But after a while, to his surprise, all the flowers died. Mr.Wang felt worried.

  From the story we know: No matter what we do, we must follow the natural rules.





  Newspapers and websites are two major new media in the world today, both of which can provide us with lots of news and information. But they’re different in some ways.

  Newspapers enjoy a longer history and often come out daily with more reliable news and information. They can be carried and read almost anywhere you like. So many people like reading them. But they can only contain texts and photos.

  On the other hand, websites are quite new and popular, especially among young people. Websites have not only texts with pictures but also audios and videos, which makes stories more interesting. What’s more, they are updated from time to time. So the latest news is always seen on websites instead of in newspapers. But it is not quite convenient for people without a computer connected with the Internet to get information from websites.