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Good evening, ladies and gentlemen:


  i’d like to start with a group of pictures.

  "modern and advanced"? this society forgets, and ignores the other two thirds of human beings. it's far from the ideal! we call ideal as a utopian, a place where reality does not e_ist. a few people still look forward to the ideals. we make fun of them, considering they are naive. will we still be content to live in such a society, if misfortune drops to us? no! of cause not!

  when we feel the warmth of the sun, these people, endure great sorrows and pains. can we imagine that? they are our brother and sisters!

  facing them, will we still complain about our own misfortune?

  facing them, will we still have the mood shouting for our own freedom? facing them, will we still want to have more and more unnecessary stuff?

  they are unable to meet their needs, even the basic needs of survival! everyone, as a member of humanity, shouldn't feel ashamed? our lu_ury deprived their lives, our indifference violated our soul, and our barbarity destroyed human civilization!

  what's the ideal society? it's a society no one worries about their living, a society no one is refused from education, a society everyone can pursue his/her own happiness! the ideal society is filled with love, joy and kindness. in that society, we can touch the other's hearts, we can share our dreams and most important, we can just be the true men!

  let's break the ethnic divide, bridge the gap between rich and poor, hand in hand, to build a great wall, protecting us from evil; to construct a steady bridge, connecting reality to the ideal society! let's pursue for that, that's the only way to the bright future! they are watching us! thank you!

  smoking is a greater cause of death and disability than any single disease, says the world health organisation.

  according to their figures, it is responsible for appro_imately five million deaths worldwide every year.

  tobacco smoking is a known or probable cause of appro_imately 25 diseases, and even the who says that its impact on world health is not fully assessed.

  heart attack and stroke

  uk studies show that smokers in their 30s and 40s are five times more likely to have a heart attack than non-smokers.


  Dear teacher and classmates:

  I am very glad to make a speech here in this class again! This time, I'd like to talk something about English.

  I love English. English language is now used everywhere in the world. It has become the most common language on Internet and for international trade. Learning English makes me confident and brings me great pleasure.

  When I was seven, my mother sent me to an English school. At there, I played games and sang English songs with other children . Then I discovered the beauty of the language, and began my colorful dream in the English world.

  Everyday, I read English following the tapes. Sometimes, I watch English cartoons.

  On the weekend, I often go to the English corner. By talking with different people there, I have made more and more friends as well as improved my oral English.

  I hope I can travel around the world someday. I want to go to America to visit Washington Monument, because the president Washington is my idol. Of course, I want to go to London too, because England is where English language developed. If I can ride my bike in Cambridge university, I will be very happy.

  I hope I can speak English with everyone in the world. I'll introduce China to them, such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and Anshan.

  I know, Rome was not built in a day. I believe that after continuous hard study, one day I can speak English very well.

  If you want to be loved, you should learn to love and be lovable. So I believe as I love English everyday , it will love me too.


  the first time i saw bao was in 20xx, the year when thomas and uber cup was held. at that time he was playing against li zongwei, who is also a good player from malaysia. bao beat him. to tell the truth, at first the reason why i liked him was just because i thought he was pretty.(maybe it is not a suitable word, but i think no better word can describe him, he is really pretty!) from that time, i have focused on him. then gradually, i found that he not only has good appearance, but also has a talent for badminton.he is very tall, about 1.90 meters. he is the tallest one among all the players in the chinese badminton team. in 20xx, he is chosen as the flag holder stands for china in the opening ceremony in the 15th asian games held in doha. it was the first time that the badminton players were chosen to take over the special task, before which time, it belonged to the basketball players. it was a great honor. and it also proved that bao was an excellent athlete. we are all proud of him.he began to play badminton when he was at primary school. in 20xx, he won his first good medal, which was significant to him, in guangzhou. because of that, he entered the chinese badminton team. as he is as old as lin dan, who is the top one in the world, he is always put into a situation which is not good to him. he seldom beats lin dan, so he gained a name which is called千年老二. in fact, his techniques are comprehensive, but he is lack of passion, the desire to win is not so strong. so he always has misplays. due to this, he seldom wins the gold medal. i think this is related to his character. he is easygoing and couth; he looks as if he will never get angry with anybody. so this affects him while he is playing badminton. in a period of time, critical voice has come towards him. he is under great pressure. he was not in the best state. but

  recently he cheers up again. several days ago, the chinese badminton championship 20xx was held in guangzhou. i went to see him on saturday. i was very excited, and i shouted loudly, hoping he could hear me. there is no doubt that he won the game. before he went away, he waved hand to us, how excited i was at that time! the next day, he beat li zongwei again and he won the mans single gold medal. all of us are very happy. after 7 years, which could be a long time for an athlete, he proved himself again in guangzhou, which is considered as his lucky place.i think this will be the energy of his advancing. and i hope he can keep this fighting will and win the gold medal in the 29th olympic games held in beijing!best wishes!

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  Good morning,ladies and gentlemen,today i am so happy to stand here to give you a speech.Or rather, a real story of mine.

  Though with time going by,i can still remember what you once told me.You should be a brave girl.Smiling,you looked into my eyes.Year in,year out,nearly most of my memories are fading little by little.But only this simple sentence remained,without being forgotten in my life.

  Again and again,i can not stop myself from thinking about it.So ordinary,but so impressive,so moving,just like the brightest sunshine,it helps me go through the darkest night.I am such a sensitive girl in your heart.You said,my sorroful facial expression made feel so distersssed.However,there is one thing i never tell you,that is ,i am becoming a big girl gradually with your words and smiles.I never tell you about it,for i believe oneday,you can see the great changes of mine for yourself.That is what i want to do in return.As i know,that will be the best gift for you.

  I suddenly think of a song named MY HEART WILL GO ON.There is a beautiful sentence going like this.You are safe in my heart.More than once,i was moved to tears by it.I know ,i am also safe in your heart.i have already forgotten when i told you i was going to leave for Australia this summer holiday.You just smiled as usual,gently speaking.Whatever you decide to do,i will be in favor of it,but, just onething,remember,when you fell lonely abroad,do not forget we are here ,praying for you.We are all around you,far across the distance and space between us.i closed my eyes,the flashback started.The memories we had together,once we played games on the palyground,we played jokes on each other,you always wrote a lot of sentences on my articles to encourage me.And the most unforgetable thing,you told me,you believed m i could be a big girl.Sooner or later.

  At that specific moment,i suddenly understood the meaning of this sentence totally.So on that day,i smiled as you used to,looking at you.The last words i said were,keep walking in sunshine.

  Yes,keep walking in sunshine.I said to you ,also to myself.I know i am not alone wiht your company,and we can keep walking in sunshine till the last minute of our days.

  I promise,i will be a big girl.

  I promise,i will be a brave girl.

  I promise,i will keep walking in sunshine.

  That is my speech,thank you!


  The Importance of confidence

  Whatever one does, one should do it with confidence. If one has no confidence, there is little possibility that one would ever achieve anything, especially when one is faced with drawbacks or hardships. This truth seems to be evident. However, in reality we do see a lot of people who complain that they like the ability to do something or that their difficulties are too great to be overcome. For someone, this might be true. But for many others, this only shows that they have lost heart.

  Why do people often feel frustrated even though they are capable of doing something? There are, among others, two main reasons. First, these people do have a correct estimate of themselves. Second, they overestimate the difficulties.

  It is possible to build up faith in oneself by having the right attitude towards one’s abilities. We should never underestimate one’s abilities. But believe in the proverb: “Where there is a will, there is a way.” Confidence is the promise for fulfilling a task successfully.


  My family

  Everyone has a family. We live in it and feel very warm. There are three persons in my family, my mother, father and I. We live together very happily and there are many interesting stories about my family.

  My father is a hard-working man. He works as a doctor. He always tries his best to help every patient and make patients comfortable. But sonetimes he works so hard that he can’t remember the date.

  My mother is a woman with a bad memory. She always does a lot of housework, but sometimes she makes mistakes out of carelessness. For example, one day, she washed clothes in the washer, after the washer finished the work, she found she hadn’t filled the washer with water.

  Now let me tell you a funny thing: one day, father wanted to get up early as usual, buthe wasn’t able to do that, because he hadn’t set the alarm clock the night before, so when he got up, he did everything in a hurry. After father left, mother said to me mysteriously, "He will come back soon." "Why?" I was greatly surprised. "Because today is Sunday, his holiday!" Just as mother said, father came back home soon, and went to bed again--he was too tired.

  You see, what an interesting family have! I hope that you will have one like mine, too.


  Hello everyone, I am x x x, from x x x, x years old.

  In my college days, I always think that people should live and learn of my knowledge of the professional, so the results have been strict in demands, are sure that every academic year won three scholarships. Not satisfied at the same time learn in theory course also pay much attention to the research on the application of software and hardware at the beginning of the fourth semester. It was the teacher trust for the computer room of the responsible person.

  I have broad loving specializes in typesetting and page art and multimedia production, as the class members of the organization also joined the school students of the propaganda department. Hard work, enthusiasm for work, and a member of the Ministry of solidarity, a year I was promoted by the ministries in the ministry minister. Long pay attention to cooperate with the school students. Other departments, complete the publicity work, promote a variety of schools to operate more smoothly at the same time.

  School activities are enthusiastic to participate in 20xx to 20xx by the School Civic quiz competitions and prize. Bold and innovative reform of the school newspaper, the newspaper as the rate of increase to a level. The school activities are enthusiastic to participate in the April 20xx by the third-prize school web game. As a student I have also repaired their focus on the social practice. In the application, combined with the theory of practice during the summer of 20xx I play computer technology for Lenovo into Hengyang computer city.20xx in the summer internship I work in Guangdong Huadu handbag company, its Have a solid foundation and strong interest in this aspect I use a week on skilled kinds of design software, after making a large number of excellent design, by students and teachers alike.

  I love the motherland tradition has the positive attitude towards life and a wide range of interests and hobbies, work a strong sense of responsibility, diligent, has the strong organization ability, propaganda, artistic and creativity, team spirit and collective attention.


  I have a dream Every one has his own I was a little kid,my dream was even to have a candy shop of my own now,when I am 16 years old,standing here,my dreams have already changed a lot. I have got quite different experience from other e they were playing toys at home,while they were dreaming to be the princesses in the story .I was running in the hard rain,jumping in the heavy snow,pitching in the strong ing could stop me,because of a wonderful call from my heart -- to be an,of course,I'm an athlete,I'm so proud of that all the time . When I was 10 years old,I became a shot-put training was really hard,I couldn't bear the heavy shot in my hands I always believe that "god only help those who help themselves"ng those hard days,I find I was growing more quickly than others of the same be an athlete is my most correct,I quit my team after entering high school because of a silly excuse.I really didn't want to stop my sports career anyway. Today I say to you my friends that even though I must face the difficulties of yesterday,today and tomorrow .I still have a dream is a dream deeply rooted in my soul. I have a dream that one day,I can run,jump and pitch just like I used to be. I have a dream that one day,I can go back to my dream sports and join the national team. I have a dream that one day,I can stand on the highest place at the olympic all the cameras pointing at me.I will tell everyone that I'm so proud to be a Chinese athlete! This is my hope is the faith that I continue my steps with!!! With this faith,I will live though the strong wind and heavy rain,never give up ! So let victory ring from my heart,from all of we allow victory to ring .I must be the one! In my imagination,I'm a bird,a magical bird.I carry my dreams all with me by my big wings. I fly though the mountains,though the forests,over the sea,to the sun,the warmest place in the aerospace! Every night,I have a dream,I see a girl ---smiling!


Dear teacher, dear students:

  has a very serious problem. not only does have a very serious problem, but our people have a very serious problem. 's problem is us. we're her problem. the only reason she has a problem is she doesn't want us here. and every time you look at yourself, be you black, brown, red, or yellow -- a so-called negro -- you represent a person who poses such a serious problem for because you're not wanted. once you face this as a fact, then you can start plotting a course that will make you appear intelligent, instead of unintelligent.

  conference, and the results of the conference, it actually serves as a model for the same procedure you and i can use to get our problems solved. at all the nations came together. their were dark nations from africa and conference was the white man. he couldn't come. once they e_cluded the white man, they found that they could get together. once they kept him out, everybody else fell right in and fell in line. this is the thing that you and i have to understand. and these people who came together didn't have nuclear weapons; they didn't have jet planes; they didn't have all of the heavy armaments that the white man has. but they had unity.

  conference, they looked at the portuguese, and at the frenchman, and at the englishman, and at the other -- dutchman -- and learned or realized that the one thing that all of them had in common: they were all from was colonizing our people in the . the same one in the , and in southern rhodesia, and in , and in and in we all have a common enemy, whether he's in , whether he's in

  churches are being bombed, and your little girls are being murdered, and at the same time you're going to violent with hitler, and tojo, and somebody else that you don't even know?


  Each of us has a family also love their home but you know we have a common house? - That is our planet! Earth is our common "home" and is a very beautiful home then there is blue sky with white clouds a tree with red flowers birds contention how beautiful all the ah but that we have not thought about how to protect the earth ? October 15 20xx astronaut Yang Liwei and the family telephone said excitedly "I - see our beautiful home" which sounds from space how many Chinese people moved the number of foreigners Yeah.

  Today however when we again face the "beauty of our home" we can also say? Blue sky how life used to be a brilliant landscape now trapped in the gray the clean air become very close to a desire to dream. Faced with an increasingly serious air pollution looking at the sky you say? Know of a small village called Demonstration of field do? The place was surrounded by the Castle Peak Green River Flows a beautiful place ah! However the villagers are aware of the environment no one important they are deforestation land reclamation deforestation forest gradually disappeared the stream gradually dry well water gradually withered. Today this no longer see the mountains and never see green water and the village people use very little water wash your face then keep feet and finally carefully pour the water in a vat .... .. keep pouring in ah ....... This is a natural right to their punishment which is the earth for their ambitions ah!

  Students is only one earth. Earth is our lovely "home"! Let us join hands for our home planet to create a better tomorrow.


  i often wonder what friendship is. friendship is too big a topic to talk about either specifically or generally. i guemost of us are still in a puzzling state about what friendship is, and i myself should be included. maybe people who define friendship according to his own life experience will say that they have a good concept of friendship, which i think is too narrow to get an objective

  definition of it. but how hard it would be to talk about friendship without mixing personal feeling in it, especially when it comes to the matter of closest friend. so here i would like to share my views with you about friendship, about my closest friend. i have had friends since i was born, some of whom have come along with me through my life, and it is impossible to always keep your friends around you since departure is one part of life that everybody must experience. though some of you may oppose me by exaggerating the connotation of the concept of being together that is friends may not stay together physically but they can stay together always psychologically,i still hold that departure is an absolute thing. how could it be possible that your friend (even your closest friend) always keeps you in heart as he/she had, is having and will have different experiences from yours? somehow different experiences make up of different hearts. man’s heart is a quite strange thing. never think that one can wholly touch it. sometimes our heart is so abstract that you don’t even know how to get to them. if we take heart as a cube, and closest friend a gentle breeze, this breeze can only blow one facet of this cube from one direction and can rarely reach any other sides of your

  heart. i’m not sure whether i have put it very clearly but believe me that there are no fixed closest friend in your life. with different time, place, space, emotion and situation, you have

  different closest friends. when i play basketball, i have a closest friend who knows how to cooperate with me and together give our opponents a deadly attack; when i am alone and feel so lonely, i have a friend who can always comfort me by saying that he is my friend; when i am in need of money, the one who comes all the way and lend his money to me without any hesitation is my closest friend.

  when i am proud and a friend dares to stand out to warn me that i should keep modest, he is my closest friend; and, when i read old man and the sea, i think hemingway is my best friend. you see then, how many closest friends i have. but i must say, though i always want to keep all of them in my heart, they are not actually always in my heart. they have their own friends and their own life. winston churchill once said that there’s no perpetual friend, nor perpetual enemy, only perpetual interest. i guehe’s right in some way.personally i think it is a shame for people who take a pet as his closest friend as this is a sheer insult to human being and an absolute indignity for the word friendship. if a dog is his closest friend, what is human to him? you can imagine how would a person with his animal closest friend do to people. and maybe sometimes a dog can give him mental comfort, but what a dog likes best is just a bone. friendship is indeed an inborn desire of mankind, and it is relationship between people, not between people and animals. if you seek friendship, please seek it from people, from people around you.actually i have much more to say but…

  your criticism welcome


  Good morning,everyone!

  I'm so glad to be here and make a presentation. Before my presentation, i’d like to ask you some you know Li na,the famous tennis athlete in China? How much do you know about her?

  I am sure that many students who have watched the Australian Tennis Championship on CCTV 5 during winter break. So today, i would like to talk about my thoughts of this game.

  On January 24, Li na won over Sharapova in the women' s singles final. This is the third time that Li na has gone into the grand slam finals. Once again, On January 26, Li na went against a new opponent name Azarenka. On that day of the game, Li na was in the leadin the first inning, but during the second inning, she accidently fell down twice. People were shocked and sad about how she could not continue the game. But because of the people being worried, she doggedly continue the game, making the audience cheer and applauding her for her effort to continue her game. A t that time ,audience applauded foe her ough she lost the game, he hard effort and insistency moved us and motivated us.

  And this case also appreaded in tthe men singles final the next day. Two opponents named Murray and Djokovic were against each other. Due to the game, Murray's foot had blisters that affected the way he played. The doctor had to treat his wound with medicine. As human beings, if we had blisters on our foot, we may feel a lot of pain and don't want to walk. However, as an athlete, Murray had to withstand the pain and strive for the victory.

  As far as I’m concerned, for professional athletes, games have become a part of their life. They fight inthe match, fight for their dream,and enjoy thir games.

  As students, studying is a part of our life.I know we may be confronted with many different kinds of problems,have you ever wangted to give it up? On the one hand, when i faced with difficulties,i felt sad and didn’t want to continue,on the other hand ,i would tell myself that:He who can sndure the greatest hardships will be the greatest among to my way of thinking, on the road of studying, we need to learn how to keep ourself motivated and continue studying and learn how to make studying a better way to enjoy rather then boring ourself out.


good morning/evening/afternoon, ladies and gentlemen :

  today, my speech is about talents,in my opionion, talents are indispensable in nowadays society. as is known to all that the fight among countries is actually the fight among talents.

  first, i'd like to define the word"talent" in my idea, a talent is one person who is good at or expertised in some or multiple areas. nowadays,as the world developing goes on ,if one country want to rank top or do a good job in the world,the country must have many example,china,the biggest developing country in the world, in the past 100 years,

  is always invaded by other countries, why ,the reason is that china at that time had not so many talents. if they had anti-intrusion leader talents in the war, needleto say,they would have beat those big they had talents in weapons manufacturing, nodody dares to provoke ver,

  nowadays, it's a totally different situation, china has become powerfulin all over the world, why ? because there are many talents serving the country, the civilians become more and more and more people go to university,more and more people come to receive further education. so what is that in return,talents in army protect our country from invasion, talents in commerce help make our economy keep in improving, talents

  in aerospace make the world see chinese manned spacecraft flying. talents in sports make china rank the first in the olympic games......

  to sum up, talents will play a more and more impoetant role in the world, if one country intends to flourish, he must foster talents as many as they can ,that's all.

  thank you!


  today, as people live a better life, they chase for more enjoyment. we can see from the news that when the holiday comes, there are so many people gather in the scenery site. people like to travel today, they can take a plane, take the bus or even take a bike. on my opinion, the best way to travel is by train. first, it is very cheap. compare with other ways, such as plane and bus, train is less expensive, people can save a lot of money.

  besides, taking the train is much safer.

  people don’t have to worry about crush, which is more happen in the plane or bus. second, we can enjoy the scenery in the train. though the train is very slow, we can have a good sight of the beautiful scenery, when we go to tibet, we can see different colors and different mountains during the trip. taking the train is the best way to travel.


  Hello everyone.

  my name isXXX, today my topic is protect our earth.

  my mom always told me protect yourself , then you can help others,

  today i want to say protect yourself then you can protect the earth, cause if everyone can protect the earth, it will be better in the future. and we can do from ourselves, from the small things, when we see a trash we can pick up them to the dustbin, when we see a plastic we can never use it again, and told other person don't use it,

  so totally speaking, if you willing do, you are the great person help world person,

  thank all of the teachers and my classmates give me the chance, thank you all.