Country in my heart学生爱国英语演讲稿

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Country in my heart学生爱国英语演讲稿

  Whenever we see the flag, when hearing a loud "Anthem", I always blood boil - I am Chinese, I am Legend of the Dragon.

Country in my heart学生爱国英语演讲稿

  To see - the Great Wall, like a dragon, lying in between rolling mountains; to listen to - the surging Yellow River water, a wave after wave, beat the shore, rock; Look - Kunlun Mountains straight into the sky, unattainable.

  Tip of the snow lotus has taught us the purity of the sea breeze in the Ruyan has taught us optimistic about the Yellow River in Szentendre taught us warm ... ... have a beautiful landscape of the motherland, who could have imagined that this beautiful country, but suffered a weathered, experienced the 1000 disaster difficult to do 100?

  July 7, 1937, the Japanese imperialists in order to soldiers are missing as a pretext to launch the Marco Polo Bridge Incident that shocked the world since then, the Chinese people embarked on a difficult journey of war. One after another in an unequal treaty, so that China has become a great country from a fat sheep in a butcher’s block. Eight-burned the Summer Palace, so that this world’s most splendid architectural transience into a scorched earth and rubble ... ...

  However, any suffering of the Chinese people are able to overwhelm us spine. October 1, 1949, Chairman Mao stood on Tiananmen Gate, solemnly announced to the world: The People’s Republic of China was founded. Since then, we have to erase the dark shadows and ushered in the brilliant glory. 1997 Hong Kong returned to the motherland; in 2003 China’s successful accession to the WTO; 2005 Shenzhou VI carried the dream of human exploration of the cosmos ... ... Today, our country has become a world-renowned sports power, thoroughly wash the "East Asian sick man, "a shame, so that the world’s admiration. You listen to 08 Olympic Games, Chinese athletes have joyful cheers of victory; you can see, "Dr. Chen Doll" sing "Beijing welcomes you!" To the people of the world issued a sincere invitation to ... ...

  Any time, regardless of where they are, I am Chinese, I am proud of. Country in my heart, in your heart of the motherland, the motherland of every individual in our hearts.

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