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  Good morning, my name is Jack. It is really a great honor to have this opportunity, and I believe I can make good performance today and consequently be eolled in your prestigious university. Now I will introduce myself briefly. I am 21 years old,born in Hei Longjiang province, northeast of China, and I am a senior student at Beijing University. My major is packaging engineering. And I will receive my bachelor degree after my graduation in June.



  My name k you for giving me a chance for the interview.

  My basic materials are on the resume, do not need to explain it again。I will make a brief introduce on my job advantage and my value here.

  Working on administrative jobs for many years make me realize the importance of the secretarial job deeply. I like the job very much.

  In my opinion, the secretarial jobs are common but very representes the image of a company. If someone want to do will in a job ,he or she must posesses a extreme strong sense of responsibility .

  I am willing to accompany with your company's development and progress. Your trust and my capability will bring us success ! Thanks!


  Good morning !

  It is really my honor to have this opportunity for an interview,

  I hope i can make a good performance today. I'm confident that I can succeed.

  Now i will introduce myself briefly

  I am 26 years old,born in shandong province .

  I was graduated from qingdao university. my major is i got my bachelor degree after my graduation in the year of 20xx.

  I spend most of my time on study,i have passed CET4/6 . and i have acquired basic knowledge of my major during my school time.

  In July 20xx, I began work for a small private company as a technical support engineer in QingDao use I'm capable of more responsibilities, so I decided to change my job.

  And in August 20xx,I left QingDao to BeiJing and worked for a foreign enterprise as a automation software test use I want to change my working environment, I'd like to find a job which is more challenging. Morover Motorola is a global company, so I feel I can gain the most from working in this kind of company ennvironment. That is the reason why I come here to compete for this position.

  I think I'm a good team player and I'm a person of great honesty to others. Also I am able to work under great pressure.

  That’s all. Thank you for giving me the chance.


  Good morning dear professors,I am glad to be here for this interview. My name is …. I am from ABC University. My major is English and internationalstudies. I am planning to pursue my master degree of (Media Management) here.

  I’m an optimistic person, warm-hearted, easy-going and rich incuriosity. I am energetic and enthusiastic. I served as volunteers for many media events held by the government and other organizations. These experiences really broaden my view on my future major. I am brave enough to meet the challenge sand deadlines. The first reason why I choose (Media Management) as my major is that I have profound interest in (the journalism and the communication practice). I am curious about (the operation and the mechanism behind the new media)ndly, I have the good command (of English). This will help me achieve higher in this field.

  I hope I can form a comprehensive view of the Media management and make a solid foundation for future profession after three years study here.

  Thank you so much again for giving me the chance for this interview.


  I am a 21-year-old female from Guangxi Province. I was enrolled into ... University in 20xx and my major is Chinese language and literature. I study hard and often get good grades in all my courses. I love reading Chinese novels, short stories, poems and proses. I like writing too. I keep a diary. It is my closest companion. Not like others, I sometimes would read out what I write in my diary to my best friends to share my joy and sorrow with them. I am an outgoing person and get along with others very well.


  My name is Helen, gender: female, 17 years old this year, is now a senior student. I don't like excellent students often get the praise, school certificates, can only watch others from the hand of the teacher brought a testimonials, oneself can only envy in your heart, my image in the eyes of the teacher just listen carefully in class, hand in your homework on time good student, but I also have their own life and personality, I am not afraid of other people's eyes, I am who I am. I, loud, don't want to go with the flow, positive enterprising,. Dante said: "walk yourself's road, let others say go." I think only do yourself the most comfortable, do others too uncomfortable. Commercial slogan is well said: "I am my own, I do not imitate others, also not reproduce themselves" others better than himself? The meaning of the word "good" from ancient to present how many, who can give the best defined?

  Don't want to, oneself is the best. I, loud. Once when I was at grade, because of my loud, some female students don't like me, friends call me, call me to do a lady. She also taught me how to do a lady: first, the behavior. Second, dressing. Third, have a meal, can't make a sound. Fourth, a small voice. I also can do the first two, but this after a few I can't, that is not my life. I don't want to be a lady, small voice, your near her special, and next to voice cannot too big, can hear her speak, just think how tired! Listen to lady. I don't think loud, this is my weakness, I think this is my advantage, the benefits of the loud voice: first. Loudly, other people beside you, not can't hear.

  Second, make a phone call is convenient, telephone you were away, others could hear you talking. Third, convenient to call, as long as it's not far away from the, you call him, he should be able to hear. The benefits of loud don't when the benefits of fair maiden more affordable. Until now, there are those who advised me as a lady, I think I am I, I don't want to change yourself.

  I don't want to go with the flow. In the American poet Robert frost "did not choose the road" wrote: "yellow two roads diverged in a wood, and it's a pity that I can't go into at the same time." "And I chose the one less traveled by, and that determines the way of my life from now on." Only into mass truly, truly, I became the ordinary people. I don't want to go to go other vulgar, been to the same vulgar life with others. In others peeping at the same time, also denies himself.

  I, proactive. Small I is a grain of sand, but he is not willing to lag behind. Ancient Chinese poet qu yuan chu said, "I see the road, I will search up and down." I am eager to towards the tower of art, culture of dian, not the flourishing age, leave a line of solid stability footprint.

  I am who I am.