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  Always have words to say to you,but no chance,today I finally summon up courage to…… Happy birthday!


  May your memories today be warm ones may your sweet dreams today in wish you this year and I wish you a wonderful birthday!


  Year,today is your day,your birthday,your birthday。 I congratulate you,this card,and a sincere heart,all belongs to you。


  Maybe you are not born for me,but I am lucky enough to accompany with you。 May my lifetime,for every year you light up the birthday candle。


  Life is wonderful,hard time,life is colorful,all the way to carefree,birthday to applaud the birthday girl just happy。 Dear,happy birthday。


  Give you the sun plating on mature,yuet add your charm,birthday is approaching,let friends blessing converge into the source of your happiness……


  I don't need sweet words,I don't have a precious gift,I didn't move,I only in good faith for you to send a care,simple with you say:happy birthday!


  Life may have on the bumpy,but brave stepped forward,brave to make a choice。 Today is your birthday,I in the distance bless you,may you success soon。


  Because your arrival,on this day,has become a beautiful day,from then on,the world was then many a put on a wipe attractive color。 Friends,I wish you a happy birthday!


  Miss you in every night,the stars read you in every moment of joy,looking forward to you in every moment,think you love you in every second breath of clearance。


  Give all my love to you,I care about you all the love!Dear,wish you happy in the birthday this day,be happy!Have a good mood in a day and night have a good dream!


  Give you the sun plating on mature,yuet add your charm,birthday is coming,wish a wish converge into the source of your happiness,would like to wish you a happy life。


  Sweet love,left a good memory,Happiness of life,into the common drip。 I wish you a happy birthday,my dear,I want to accompany you spend every birthday later!


  White cake,Ming yan candles,today to celebrate for you;Years of friendship,much blessing,wishes to you at the moment。 Wish you a happy birthday!Wish you happiness forever!


  This birthday wishes to express how much I love you,in my calendar,you are young,attractive,and this special year seems to make you more beautiful,elegant appearance。


  Butterflies dancing for joy,is to celebrate of blossoming flowers,cool breeze slowly to send today's blessing,blessing,my friend,the world April angel,happy birthday。


  To care and best wishes!Best regards and joy!In this beautiful season,the flowers all the way,your friend happy to a long life!In this wish,happy birthday!


  This love deeply buried in the bottom of my heart,rushing for a century of transmigration,till the day of reunion coming into the surge to burn ChiQing xian li,happy birthday to my dear!


  Eighteen,smile blooming flower,I wish you forever beautiful give force,cause the body,to ask why I talk so sweet,because today is your birthday,I want to give you my heart。


  My dictionary in time,happy is the smile,I baidu search for happiness in the story,is healthy,today is your birthday,wish you smile often in health,my dear,happy birthday。


  Have words,all want to say with you once a year,but said a little earlier yesterday,say again tomorrow a little late,said today's order,because today is your day,happy birthday!


  Mom,happy birthday!Wish I could have the language to express our gratitude,thank you for your daily housework and give our help。 May you always happy in the future years,healthy!


  A memorable birthday,because from that moment on,many things unseen,have an arrangement;Including you and I meet,get to know each other,love each other,let we each other cherish!


  Because of you,my life more than several other colors,like you will this bring me happiness and good friends!In your birthday,bless you,who will always be a happy happy!


  The husband,have a lot of a lot of words want to say to you。 There are many, many but would like to invite you to help solve, but in the end。 Miss you feel really great!The husband, happy birthday!


  With nervous air easy to ignite, lit the wet with sunny mood, put down the work, with time light life is bright, lit with blessing happy happy, picked up the happy, friends, happy birthday。


  Coated with a layer of cream aromatic when happy, set a strawberry where glittering and translucent glow, wear this ring at the moment of promise come true dream, my dear, I wish you a happy birthday。


  Happy friendship sky, floating clouds;Happy clouds, embodies the blessing of the rain;Blessing of the rain, and moistens your heart;Your heart, echoed my greeting:happy birthday!


  Cold when there is a bosom is a kind of happiness, panic when a hand is a kind of happiness, sad when a pair of eyes is a kind of happiness, dad, you are my happiness, happy birthday。


  Happy birthday, contains the deep feeling of parents。 Happy birthday wrapped in a friend's true feelings。 Happy birthday in the memory of the past。 In the warm birthday reflect the course of life。


  A lot of good things, I wish you a happy birthday。 Peace be to you hug, cuddle health, with happiness, with happiness, hug warm, with a sweet, took the money and lug auspicious happy every day!


  Sweet cake, sons and daughters of filial piety;Red red candle, children's affective thick;Children singing meimei, deeply in love;Birthday noodles, long children's blessing。 Happy birthday to mother!


  Although it was a small greeting, but that is my uneasiness;Although it was a gentle blessing, but that is my heart;Although it was a heart melodies, but that with our friendship, I wish you a happy birthday!


  Listen to your love songs, really want to breathe your future, look you in the sky, the sea, really want to visit your heart with your expectation, really want to say my love, baby, happy birthday, I love you。


  Happy, year after year in the multiplication, please enjoy;Yueyue, seek, please don't try so hard;Wish that every day does not weigh appearance, today is the most special:happy birthday to you, happy to accompany!


  Speech is meager, care is sincere;Character is monotonous, the blessing is varied;In your birthday arrives, send you my most sincere and diversity of blessing, wish you a happy birthday, everything goes well!


  A bowl of longevity noodles, I wish you good health, two red eggs, I wish you the best blessing, three light He Sheng wine, I wish you a very of fu lu shou full, and move in life, I wish you a happy birthday, every good。


  Candlelight reflect sweet, longevity noodles to tie up happiness, red drunken people between China and America, its moments of beauty with the;Congratulations, also grew up a year old, I wish in the New Year everything goes well with you!Happy birthday。


  Bearing kits, last summer, we meet in strange knowledge paradise;This year's winter, we face with laughter, sitting beside you;Through the shuo, the light of the moon, gently as you wish, I wish you a happy birthday, happy forever!


  Flickering candle, light up your birthday;Soulful singing, send to my endless blessings;All over the sky of the meteor, meet your wish each pile;Put the cake in his mouth, smile on the face, sweet in the heart。 I wish you a happy birthday!


  Send you a birthday cake:the underlying the enclosed life peace, intermediate in the blessing is infinite, filled with auspicious, around the above covered with sincere thoughts, plus happiness forever, I wish you a happy happy happy!Happy birthday!


  Fruit vitamin is the assurance of vitality, the cream of lecithin is a guarantee of intelligence, the birthday candle is a guarantee of happiness, friend's blessing is the guarantee of happiness, my dear friends, I wish you a happy birthday, good luck often companion。