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英语作文 篇1

  Recently I have been preparing a gift for my mother’s birthday.After much careful thinking,1 finally find the gift that can bring her the most pleasure and satisfaction is nothing but me—-thein her eye.

  As we know,there is nothing in the world that can approach a mother’s selfless love for her children.She can sacrifice everythin9,including her life,for their well-

  being,while expecting little in return from them.However,she does have some expectations on them.For example,my mother hopes that I can find a good job,build a harmonious home,and live a happy and healthy life.So I believe that for my mother,the most happiness does not come from any material things,but from me,the one who tries to fulfill her expectations.

  Therefore,the best gift for my mother’s birthday should be that I begin to take all the responsibilities that a son should assume.It is high time that I grew into a man that is patient,independent,responsible,obedient and helpful.

英语作文 篇2

  The Olympic Game has been the most cheerful and anticipated event throughout Beijing ever since Beijing was rewarded the right to host the 20xx Summer Olympic Games, yet the focus should be shifted from making a promise to fulfilling the promise made.

  In my point of view, to bridge the gap between the promise and reality, Beijing still has a long way to go. To begin with, infrastructure construction should be the primary concern. Such infrastructures as communications and transportation system and facilities ought to draw our constant attention. First, traffic jam has been an age?old headache in Beijing. The scene of long queues of vehicles worming their way inch by inch will surely cause great incontinence, and blemish the image of the city meanwhile. Next, to add enchantment to convenience, overall city?planning is indispensable. Time permitting, a redesign of city layout and adjustment of architectural style would provide a better environment for fostering the characteristic, blending, oriental elegance with international grandeur, will tower aloft among surrounding architectures. To achieve such effect, Beijing shall solicit opinions from first?rate architects and make an overall plan. Thirdly, quality of the population should be improved. To make an international metropolis, both "hardware" and "software" are important.

  However, Rome was not built in a day. To carry out the promise of "New Beijing, Great Olympics", deeds speak louder than words.

英语作文 篇3

  We Chinese place a high value on responsibility. It is traditional deal for us Chinese to take care of our parents. We owe them a great deal for the love they give us while we are growing up. It is right, then, when they are getting older with each passing day, we help them and see that they are well cared for. In this way, we give back some of the love and care they have given to us.

  As loyal Chinese citizens, we must have a strong sense of responsibility to our country. I t is our duty to keep China strong in the eyes

  Finally, we must remember that we have a responsibility to the world we live in. It is important that we learn to live in peace with the other nations of the world and to protect our environment.鶬f we carry out these responsibilities, we will be respected citizens of our country.

英语作文 篇4

  Blowing balloons is an interesting game.

  You may have some ideas of it. It is of great value to your health especially to those who are fat. People usually make an airless balloon halfairfilled put it on the hand then blow it hard. Shortly after it flies up his partner blows it away towards the opposite party.

  And the opposite blows it back. Repeat doing so until the balloon drops onto the follr.Any party onto whose floor the balloon drops will be the loser. So any party who tries to control the balloon’s direction and blows it with great efforts will make the balloon fly straight to the other party and will have more opportunities to win.

英语作文 篇5

  Monkey See, Monkey Do 有样学样

  The monkey is a very cunning little animal and is found in many parts of the world.猴子是非常狡猾的动物并分布在世界各地。

  A lady once had a monkey, which had been brought to her as a present. This monkey, like all others, was very fond of mischief and of doing whatever he saw others do.一位女士曾经有只猴子,是作为她的生日礼物收到的。这只猴子,像所有别的猴子一样,非常淘气,并且会模仿所有它做的事情。

  His mistress found him one day sitting on her toilet table (梳妆台), holding in one hand a little china mug with water in it, and in the other her toothbrush, with which he was cleaning his teeth, looking all the time in the glass.它的女主人有天发现它坐在她的梳妆台上,一只手拿着马克杯灌水,另外一只手拿着牙刷正在刷牙,从头到尾都盯着杯子。

  Her little daughter, Maria, had a large doll with a very handsome head and face. She one day left this doll in the cradle, and went out of the room. The monkey came in, took the doll in his arms, and jumping upon the washstand, he began to wash its face.她的小女儿,玛利亚,有一只长得非常英俊的脸庞的大玩具,有一天她把玩具留在摇篮里然后出了房门。然后这只猴子进来了,把玩具抱在他的怀里,然后跳上脸盆架,开始帮它洗脸了。

  He first rubbed it all over with soap. Then seizing the towel, he dipped it in the wash bowl, and rubbed it so hard that the doll’s face was entirely spoiled, the paint being all washed off.它先用肥皂擦满玩具的脸,然后抓着毛巾,把它浸在洗脸盆里,它擦得太过用力以至于娃娃的整个脸都被毁掉了,油漆图案全被洗掉了

  There have been many tales of monkeys who, armed with sticks, have joined together and made war or resisted theirenemies with great effect. These are not true, as it is known that in their native state monkeys have no idea of weapons.有很多故事,是说猴子会拿着武器聚在一起,然后参与战争或者抵御强大的外敌。这是不对的。因为在自然状态下猴子是没有武器的概念的。

  The sticks and other missiles said to be thrown at travelers as they pass under the branches of trees, are usually the dead branches, etc., accidentally broken off, as the monkeys, with the natural curiosity of their tribe, pass along the tops of trees to watch the actions of the people below.棍棒和其他武器据说是因为他们在传树枝的时候扔向游客的,大多数时候都是枯枝等,意外地断落。同时猴子,他们的部落因为天生的好奇心,常常沿着树顶观察下面的人的行动。

  They can, however, be taught to use a stick, and to use it well. Some time ago, two Italians together owned an organ and a monkey, by means of which they earned their living. During one of their exhibitions, a dog flew at the little monkey, which made its owners very angry.它们其实可以,被教会使用木棍,并且用得非常好,一段时间以前,两个意大利人拥有一只管风琴和一只猴子,并以此谋生。在其中他们的一次表演中,一只狗扑向那只小猴子,让它的主人非常生气。

  They and the owner of the dog quarreled about it, and at last it was agreed that the dog and the monkey should fight it out; the monkey, because he was smaller, was to be allowed a stick.他们和狗主人吵起来了,最后他们商议好一致同意让狗和猴子打一架,因为猴子长得比较小,给了它一根木棍用。

  The monkey was taught what he was to do in the following manner: One of the Italians crawled on his hands and knees, barking like a dog, while the other got on his back, grasped his hair, and beat him about the head with a stick.猴子被教了做如下动作:其中一个意大利人弯曲他的手和膝盖匍匐着,并且学狗叫。而另外一个人则骑上他的`背,揪着他的头发,用棍子打他的头。

  The monkey looked on with great gravity, and, when the instruction was over, received the stick with the air of a man who knew his work and meant to do it.猴子看得十分严肃,然后当指令结束之后,他接到男人的棍子后他知道它该怎么做了。

  Everything being settled the dog flew at the monkey with open mouth. The monkey immediately leaped on his back, and, grasping the dog’s ear, beat away at his head with such good will that his adversary speedily gave in. The monkey, however, was not content with a mere victory, but continued pounding at the dog’s head until he left him senseless on the ground.一切都解决了。狗向猴子张开嘴,这只猴子立刻跳上了它的背部,抓住它的耳朵并且意志很坚定地打了它的头。很快便将他的对手解决了。但是猴子不满足于眼前的胜利,继续骄傲地敲打它的头部直到狗躺在地上不省人事。