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  After the Spring Festival, the street is busy. Today, I came to the street with my father and mother. People come and go in the street. Some children are running on the street with balloons, and some children are playing firecrackers. The shop is very beautiful brightly coloured, a superb collection of beautiful things!


  We come to the square. The square good lively! A car, a gun, and a kite, can be fun. I hastened to pull my father, sit in a car, "beep" and start to move like a small general. There are many firecrackers on the square, there are also a lot of firecrackers, fireworks, fireworks variety, good riotous with colour, look! Mom and dad bought me a big round red balloon, I walked, while playing balloon, our family to play for a long time did he go home in the street.


  In the evening, the uncle took us to dinner, and we came to the uncle's house. See Uncle they do all kinds of dishes: chicken, cabbage soup, carrot, and meat, a lot of...... We sat on the table for a long time before we finished the meal. After dinner, some of us watch TV, some play mahjong and are very busy.



  In the winter vacation, the first thing I did was to write homework, write and write. After a few days, all the other assignments were finished, leaving the Chinese homework easy.


  The first item of Chinese homework is "search Spring Festival couplets". To search 20 pairs of Spring Festival couplets and copy on the book, think of it, it is very simple. It's no difficulty. I checked some spring couplets on the Internet, so I copied it... Half copy, hey! It's dead, and there are ten pairs. This spring festival couplet is too much! 20 pairs? 10 pairs are similar. No way. This is the homework assigned by the teacher. Let's recognize it. Finally, it's finished.


  The second language homework is "back spring couplets". To carry 5 pairs of spring couplets and be tacitly on the book. This is very simple! I just find 5 pairs of couplets back down, then write, finally,


  Just - it's done.


  The third assignment is "spring festival couplet". Choose a pair out of the 5 pairs of spring couplets. I have carefully picked up a simple, well written: "all except Long Xi, wujiangsimei fostering new my appreciation is:" in the new year, to get rid of bad habits, learn some good knowledge and virtue."


  The fourth item is the "spring festival couplet". First look up the two Spring Festival couplets, according to its format to write the other two, such as: every day is good every day, three meals a day torrential. In April, the season is good every day, the month ninety happy meals.


  The fifth assignment is to write the Spring Festival couplets. Is to write a couplet on myself, and I ran to the door, watching other people's couplets, then write down a sentence: "temporarily resigned as tiger, arrogant cupola, the door will soundway. (is temporarily quit arrogant, in the new year is still bullish.)


  The last one is the "spring festival couplet". This spring festival couplet, I have found a period of no one to leave the time to stick, this is why I do not say much, I believe everyone knows.


  This hot spring festival is really colorful, although there are some homework, but it is the homework that makes the holiday colorful.



  The long history of the Spring Festival, which originated in the Shang period of the first activities of the ritual worship. According to China's lunar new year, is called a month early, Chen Yuan, Yuan Yuan, Yuan Shuo, such as new year's day, commonly known as the lunar new year, the period of the Republic of China, to switch to the Gregorian calendar, the Gregorian calendar in January 1st called the Lunar New Year's day, January 1st spring festival.


  Morning, my mother took me to buy new clothes, special purchases for the Spring Festival. But the clothes can't be bought, but they have to be nice. Then, it is the laundry, the floor, the windows, the table and the room.


  Because my family has two living rooms, there are two corridors in the corridor. It took me almost half an hour to brush aside. On the other side, I and my mother brushed it.


  Before the festival, every household should stick to the Spring Festival couplets. Spring couplets have horizontal and vertical stickers.


  In the past, the year is an imaginary animal that brings bad luck to people. The trees withered and the grass was not born in the year. How can the year be passed? The custom of burning the firecrackers with firecrackers, which is actually another way of making a lively scene.



  We have a lot of Customs in the Spring Festival. For example, put up a new couplet, put a fireworks... I like the fireworks most.


  Remember the Spring Festival last year, a small instrument and her father 'mother, to give us a pay New Year's call also brought a bag, uncle of fireworks, I took a look, "the earth flower" and "Na Zha Nao Hai", "The heavenly maids scatter blossoms"...... I was dazzled. At this time, the uncle said, "Xiao Yuan, in a moment, you and the small instrument together to put the fireworks." "good ah! Good ah!" the small instrument jumped up. The sun began to fall into the sea, and the moon stood on duty for us. I took the little instrument hand and my father and mother, "uncle, aunt came downstairs, along the road have been huge crowds of people, at this moment, I do not know who started the" a bolt from the blue, "" bang ", startled us, Xiaoyi clinging to my sister, I am afraid to shout" I! Afraid of seeing, I also not resigned to playing second fiddle. I lit the "flower of the earth", and I saw sparks in the barrel, and became the shape of petals. Then I poured out a petal and poured out five pieces. Then there was a long spark line in the middle. "Wow," everyone exclaimed in the same voice. Then Dad lit the string of pearls again. We met and ran to pick up "pearls".


  "Boom!" Twelve of the bell to get rid of the excitement, brought us back home nostalgia, reluctant to part. Spring Festival, the unforgettable spring festival!









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