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  People will meet many excellent people in their life and set many good examples for themselves. There are always a few examples that will guide you in all aspects. We should learn from their spirit, no matter what we learn from them or what we learn from them. And one of my role models is just an old man who makes a living by collecting rags.

  Once, my mother and I drove out. In the distance, the smoke was hazy, and a few drops of rain danced on the window nearby. We stopped at a traffic light. Pedestrians were holding colorful umbrellas. Some people threw rubbish on the ground. I couldn't help throwing plastic bags out of the window.

  There is an old man, riding a pair of old bicycles slowly came over. He has snowy hair and wrinkles on his face. A pair of eyes are not big but bright, which makes people look very healthy and energetic. He was wearing a coat full of patches, and there were many holes in his trousers.

  He slowly stopped by the garbage can. He bowed down, reached out and turned over in the garbage can. He put the bottle in the garbage can into the plastic bag he brought with him. Then he squatted down again and picked up the rubbish around with his skinny hands. Together, he grabbed the plastic bag I just lost and threw it into the garbage can. I immediately felt very ashamed of myself and my behavior.

  When the traffic light was green, we drove away slowly. I watched this ordinary and great old man until he disappeared in my vision.

  This old man is my example, my moral example, my moral example. His spirit of silent dedication is worthy of our study.








  My role model is Grandpa. My grandpa is not only a doctor, but also the dean of the hospital. At home, there are many people looking for grandpa to see a doctor, and grandpa is always like an angel in white. No, he is an angel in white. When this angel in white sees his patients, I always observe. Grandpa is always very careful and makes them get better quickly.

  Once grandpa was on duty in the hospital. In the evening, a patient went to see his grandfather. He knew that he had a cold as soon as he saw it. He said, "just take some cold medicine." The patient thanked and left. This morning, I was still at home thinking: would there be a patient who went to see Grandpa earlier last night? I waited left and right, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes... 45 minutes. "Why hasn't grandpa come yet?" I grumbled. Finally grandpa came back

  Before grandpa could sit down, I couldn't wait to ask about Grandpa's situation last night. As expected, someone asked for Grandpa. I heard, "Grandpa, you are so great that you can save so many people." Grandpa said, "Ziqiong, do you want to be a doctor?"

  "Now!" I exclaimed.

  "Later." Grandpa said, "now you can study well, so that you can become a doctor when you grow up."

  I envy grandpa! I must be a doctor in the future, so that everyone can live a healthy life.








  On a sunny day, the long-awaited spring outing of the students finally arrived. This time, we were led by our class teacher, Mr. Yu!

  Her hair is curly, like a beautiful blooming flower.

  On the day of spring outing, Mr. Yu gave us a bag in advance and said kindly, "students, if you are carsick and vomit, remember to vomit in the bag. If you vomit on the ground, it's not good."

  When the car came, we clapped the orderly team and stepped on the car one after another with light steps. Because the distance is far away, the students who are not carsick eat snacks on the bus. The students who eat snacks think, "what about the rest of the garbage?" After a while, he had an idea. "By the way, I'll throw the garbage out of the window, and that will solve a problem!" When he was about to throw the garbage out of the window, Miss Yu saw it and stopped him immediately and said, "this student, how can you throw the garbage out of the window? What if it hits people? Even if it doesn't hit people, it damages the environment. You put the rubbish in the bag that the teacher gave you! When you get there, remember to throw it in the garbage can! " Suddenly, a little girl vomited. Miss Yu ran to her and asked, "are you ok?" Then he handed the little girl a napkin! Miss Yu is taking good care of us all the way Finally arrived at the destination! Let's have a safe and happy spring outing!

  Yu teaches us how to care for the environment, how to greet others, which makes me form a good habit. Like us, we all have the bad habit of opening our mouths with meals and extending our hands with tea. Yu teaches us not to do this. Although Mr. Yu no longer teaches us, but Mr. Yu is a good example for me. I want to learn from you and be a proud student!