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  The winter holiday In winter holiday, I had a good time. I didn’t go to school. I read some books at home. Sometimes I watched TV. Sometimes I helped my mother clean the house and wash the dishes. Sometimes I went shopping with my friends, we bought colorful new clothes. At Chinese New Year, I put on new clothes. I visited my relatives and I got much lucky money. In the evening, I set off fireworks with my cousin. They looked like flowers. They were very beautiful! I was very happy during the winter holiday.


  Summer holiday is coming . I want to go to Beijing . I go to Beijing with my father , my mother and my brother . We want to go there by plane because it takes less time . We can see many things in it . First we can visit the Great Wall , it is very famous for the world ,so I like it very much . Second we can go to the zoo because I like to see animals . There are many foreigners in this city ,too . I want to talk with them in English . I want to learn English from them . I think we can have a good time then . I hope it is coming soon.


  I got to Beijing with my parents last evening.And today morning,we arrived at Tian'anmen Square.It is so big an wonderful.The weather's sunny but not hot.Ofcourse.wo took quite a few photos there and visited there for a long time.I really love here.Luckly,I met an old friendly foreigner.I took some photos with him.The food in Beijing are good.Everything tasted sweet.I like Beijing rock duck best.It was delicious!I love the trip.It was wonderful!


  My winter holiday is very dull. I stay at home for most of time. sometimes I visit my friends and play basketball with them. sometimes we go shopping.

  One day, we go to the kfc. We have hamburgers, chicken coke and french fries. We have sore throats. We go home and have a rest. then we feel better. We go and play computer games! how mad we are!

  This is the only thing i can talk about in the holiday.


  I did a great thing in the winter holiday.One day,I was going to the book store and suddenly I found a paper money which worth 100 RMB.I looked around and picked it up.At first,I wanted to use it and I can save my own money.However,I thought a lot and I decided to wait for the person who lost the money at last.10 mintues later,a little boy who was anxious came towards me and asked me if I had picked up 100 yuan.I handed the money to him and he was surprised to get the money back.I was very happy when he said "thank you" to me.then I went back home with a big smile.


  Many children are always looking forward to the winter vacation; This is because during the vacation, children needn’t go to school; They can do everything they like,such as playing, watching TV, traveling, or even sleeping all the day and so on.and when winter vacation come on ,It means that spring festival will come on soon.

  I spent the whole day at home nearly every day, I played with my computer .I played computer games and surved the Internet. during the vacation I,I still stayed in touch with my classmates and my friends.I thinked I hasve been a potatoes mouse .

  During the spring festival,I visited my relatives ,and I got a lot of red bags.

  Even though my vacation wasn’t crazy and exciting, but I really learnt a lot. It was good for relaxing, and I am getting ready for the coming new term now. Good-bye, my winter vacation.

  How time flies(时间过得真快),unconsciously(不知不觉地) the next winter vacation (寒假)will soon come.In order to improve(提高) myself as well as enjoy a happy holiday,I made the winter vacation plan.

  Firstly i want to continue with my study,i think study is a life process,so no matter what the situation I am in,i will look for chances to continue it.I have bought several new books ,including those books on my major(专业)and some novels ,I will try to finish reading them in the holiday and write notes.

  Secondly,since it is the holiday,I will share it with my family and friends .You know the spring festival will soon come, I believe I would chatting and play games with my friends and family .I think I will enjoy the vacation.





  My winter holidays plans me studying for my English , I will make great efforts to learn English. Persist in listening to half hours of English every day. I will accomplish the school assignment that the teacher arranges best with the quickest speed. I can not forget to take the body exercise certainly also , I may take the body exercise coming drawing out 30- - 1 hours in time in every day. I play with the once computer coming certainly may draw out one small Duan time , watch one meeting TV or. Certainly need only 1 hour. This it is my winter holidays to plan!


  Spring Festival is the most solemn festival, spent the day the Chinese people rejoice together, although custom is different, but the joy is still rippling in everyone's heart. According to the custom of our hometown, the beginning of the Spring Festival is around the twelfth month 20, a month, 20, every family began to prepare for New Year's day, the children also put off.

  Happy to play with friends, parents are busy in busy outside, all the prosperity of a busy year.

  How time flies, suddenly arrived quickly when it gets dark. Mom's cooking in our home but the best, so definitely want to taste her hearty dinner for us! Faced a table of delicious food, we are a large family sitting at the table, everyone is permeated with a happy smile on their faces, I really feel the taste of the "life is sweeter than honey"!

  On New Year's eve night, we are a group of friends, holding firecrackers, under the guidance of adults devolved firecrackers, blew up in the sky, a rainbow flower drill out, like a rainbow, colorful; And like a fairy flowers, give people happy, it's beautiful! Put the firecrackers mom and dad and I went to see the Spring Festival party. Every lights, very lively.

  The next day, the day not bright, mother urged me to hurry up, I got up, grandma and grandpa, dad and mum are up. Mother put wrapped dumplings yesterday, in the dish, we eat the steamed stuffed bun talking and laughing. Soon, it is day, most people wear new clothes to visit friends and relatives to elder happy New Year. Our house is not exceptional also, my parents and I all put on new clothes, appear more handsome dad, mom become more young and beautiful! "Will beep PaPa", the ringing of firecrackers welcomed on the first day, I and the daddy, mother go to relatives happy New Year. Walking, we came to grandma's house. Dad a grandma to me like knelt down to old woman kowtow, but was stopped by a grandma! "Well, what do you say you ke head! To eat melon seeds, a smoke!" "No no, I don't smoke!" . Thanks to the old woman's house, we went to the aunt home, uncle happy New Year! Soon we finally finished thanks! Blink at the beginning of the eight, the Spring Festival is over, everyone went back to the normal track, the work of the work, the school to go to school. A New Year begins, people are heading for a new life, new goals and efforts.


  today is sunday so i go out shopping like usual. it is a sunny day and the wind is warm. i look around as i eat some candies all the way. to be honest,i feel a little hungry and i hurried walk to the maket while by the time a big car accident happened. it is so scary that i run away right soon. i can not believe this and i really need to think over. how does this accident happen?i think is careless and not obey te traffic rules that brings some matters. what is more,in our daily life ,only should we keep calm and be careful can we enjoy a better life. after that i write it on my dairy to make myself still remember.

  今日是周日所以我和往常一样外出购物,今天天气不错风和日丽有阳光. 我一边走一边吃着糖果,我有点饿了于是匆忙往去市场的路上走。这个时候我面前发生了一起事故,是车祸。我有点害怕于是马上跑开,我一直深思是什么导致这起事故,我认为是粗心和不遵守交通法规导致的。更重要的是,在我们日常生活中只有小心镇定才可以更好的`享受生活。我也因此把这件事记载在日记里提醒我自己。


  I m a middle school student. I love English, but it s hard for me. Now I have a good plan to learn English.

  I have a pronunciation problem. I can't pronounce so well. So I plan to listen to the tape and read after it. I can t read English passages quickly and can t write a passage clearly. Now I plan to read more and practice writing often. As for listening, sometimes I can t understand what others are saying. So I plan to improve myself by listening to the radio and TV. Grammar is the most difficult for me. I have no idea of it, but I think my English teacher can help me with it.

  With this English-learning plan, I m hoping for great progress.


  Spring Festival is coming,I am very happy.On this winter holiday,I went to visit my grandparents with my parents.

  My grandmother is very zeal.Our dinner is very delicious.After the dinner,the people gave me money in red envelopes.I am very happy in this family with my grandparents.

  Sometimes,we go to climb the mountains.The mountain is very high.Look!There is a clean river near the mountain.And there are some beautiful flowers,grass and big trees.Some trees are orange trees,the others are banana trees.Oh,I am very tired but interesting.

  I am very happy on this holiday because I like Spring Festival very much.What about you?