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英语作文 篇1

  There are many books in my family, father and mother, and many of them are mine. These books are thick and thin. In my book, what I like most is Tang Sulan's school life of the wolf.

  It is very interesting, especially when “ although the stupid wolf of art but utterly ignorant of, at the end of the semester, the school talent contest, he won the Wolf Prize, best performing ” I'm curious, eager to read. The original is brown bear make practical joke help honest stupid wolf, a fluke, won the best performance award.

  This book has a lot of wonderful clips, always makes me uproarious, taught me the truth in life a — — to do a good and honest people. Please have a look at this book! You're going to love it as much as I do.




英语作文 篇2

  Education plays a great role in our life. But, real education begins with self education. That is to educate ourselves.

  I have had such experience. When I finish reading a good book, which is informative and exciting, I am lost deep in thoughts and enlightened. Something or somebody ordinary in life, once written in books, after careful reading and thinking, will reveal truth and philosophy. When I succeed or fad, get praised or criticized, happy or sad, I can find in books a good mirror to reflect and guide meI cannot but put myself upon thinking,"What was I? What will I he?" At this time, my mind is open and I am my sincere self. I am having a dialogue with myself, with my conscience. Without my knowing it, I am educating myself.

  So you can see by self -education. I mean thinking and contradicting within the mind. In the process of thinking and contradicting I have recollections and appraisal of myself. Then I make decisions aecording]y and keep myself in control of my thoughts and actions in the hope that I better myself in character, behavior, virtue and manner.

  Self-education is an effective way to make one noble minded, more able and intelligent and to perfect oneself. If a man keeps receiving education and educating himself, he is sure to be one cut above others.






英语作文 篇3

  Directions:For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on cyber crimes, your essay should include the forms of cyber crimes, the roots or reasons of cyber crimes and how to fight against it. You are required to write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.

  With the internet being widely used around us, cyber criminals seem to be everywhere. For example, some commit fraud or lift intellectual property; others snatch passwords or defame. Still, they unleash viruses to crash computers. As a result, great damages have been made to companies, the same to computer users, making losses up to 10 billion dollars per year.

  Naturally, there are many causes for the cyber crimes. In addition to the wicked nature of hackers, the frailties of Internet partially nourish the crimes. Cyber vandals can find out the weakness in the Website software programs and manipulate software glitches, then gain access to Websites and commit all kinds of crimes.

  However, we shouldn't tolerate these cyber criminals while suffering from losses. Therefore, it is the high time that we should take all effective steps to battle the cyber crooks. Firstly, the cyber laws should be reinforced to protect the Web. Secondly, high-end techniques need to be improved in intrusion detection, which will comprehensively enhance the computer security. Lastly, more talented people need to be trained to build up more firewalls so as to make the internet immune to various kinds of viruses and to all sorts of cyber criminals.

英语作文 篇4

  Chapter one: the power of knowledge

  Since the human being on the earth, knowledge will sprout in human wisdom, from ancient to contemporary rumaoyinxie high civilization, every society. It shows the great effect of knowledge. The progress of knowledge has promoted the development of history and promoted the civilization of mankind. Knowledge is power.

  At present, there is a popular saying in the world: to see whether a country or a nation is prosperous or prosperous depends on people's cultural knowledge level. I think this statement is justified. Even if a country is not rich enough for a while, but as long as its intelligent people have knowledge of tradition, we can conclude that this country has a bright future. But if a nation is very rich, but to support a group of "acts, the results have neither learning nor skill" must be sad. It is bound to fade away.

  In the history of the Tang Dynasty, the prosperity of the "Kaiyuan flourishing world" was formed. In addition to the emperor's enlightened, the most important reason was that the science and technology of all walks of life were fully developed at that time. The strong national power, a galaxy of talents, Megatron seas.

  In ancient times, natural phenomena such as wind and rain, thunder and lightning were regarded as the behavior of God. During the drought, the people butcher sheep. Send up the altar, kowtow to God, obey the Taoist priest call the rain. In today's view, these seem too silly and ridiculous, but it is the inevitable result of no knowledge. Now we have scientific knowledge, and we have artificial rainfall. Even if we meet the drought, the crops can grow very well. "God" can't be stuck to our neck. Rendingshengtian, that is because people have the knowledge.

  Thus, it can be seen that the prosperity and strength of the country can not be separated from knowledge.

  Chapter two: the power of knowledge

  In the sixth Century B.C., there was a famous philosopher, Telles, in ancient Greece. He is learned, the pursuit of truth, never take the money for their rich. He was often in rags and hurried to the streets.

  One day, a businessman walked in front of him, pointing to his sarcastic way: "Telles said," you are a knowledgeable philosopher, but in my view, theory is useless. Theoretical knowledge can neither bring you gold nor bring you bread, but it can only bring you poverty and cold acid. " Telles was very angry, and he retaliated, "I can't tolerate your use of my poverty to disparage and attack the theory. I'll teach you the truth, wait and see. "

  Telles refused to be humiliated and determined the theory as strength. With his extensive knowledge of astronomy, mathematics and agriculture, he concluded that next year it would be the year of olive Dafeng, after careful prediction and calculation. In the winter, he took out all the money, and rented all the nearby utensils of olive oil with a fairly cheap rent.

  There is no surprise. In second years, the great harvest of the olive was unprecedented, the need for the oil press increased sharply, but all the oil press had been monopolized by Telles. He was also on the opportunity to rent, and many people who wanted to hire the oil press were crowded in front of Telles's door. The once Telles sarcastic businessmen also sweating in crowd. When Telles saw him at one glance, he went up to him and said to him with a mockery: "the noble businessman, see? These oil press are all my theoretical knowledge. I want to make a fortune it is easy, as long as the precise parameters, can be as rich as you, even more money than you. But I do not rarity these small money, because there is no great power that money can't buy in the world. "

  By virtue of his theory and knowledge, Taylor fights the arrogant merchants.

英语作文 篇5

  Now, the new term begins. I live the life normal as before. very morning, I get up at 6:30. After washing, I eat breakfast at home. My mother always cooks delicious and nutritious breakfast for me. I usually go to school at 7:20 by bike. It only takes me ten minutes to get to the school. We have the morning reading at 7:40 and the classes begin from 8:00. I usually have Chinese, math, nglish and other subjects. I go home at noon and have a short rest at home. Classes are over at 5:30. I usually play at school for a while and then go home. At night, I usually finish my homework and then watch TV. About 10:00, I go to bed. This is my all day.

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英语作文 篇7

  The cold air came in a week before, and it brought a lot of harm. I'll tell you about it.

  The cold air in the campus: on this Friday, most of the students in our class are sick, the disease of the rule is this: six (four) class first onset to the first class, six (three) to six (two) class, is our class next to the six (1 class). On Friday, thirteen people didn't come to our class at the beginning, accounting for 1/3 of the whole class. When they came home from school, the number of sick people accounted for 2/3.

  The cold air on the road in the north, many places have played a feather like snow, the car can not be running on the road, it is easy to slip, thus causing all kinds of traffic accidents.

  Cold air has a negative side, it also has a good side, maybe some people do not know. Cold air is a threat to human beings, but it will also bring benefits to animals and plants. When the cold air comes, some animals can sleep in peace and happiness. Cold air is also good for plants. As long as the cold air passes, the trees grow fresh and fresh, and become bigger and stronger. As well as cold air, insects, such as mosquitoes and mosquitoes in nature, can only quietly go back to their caves for the winter. The air outside the house is much more refreshing than it used to be.

  Cold air comes, and it has its advantages as well. The good thing is to make the air fresher; the bad thing is that the flu in our class is getting worse and worse. Nevertheless, I hope that the cold air will soon go away, and our classmates' illness will soon get better, so that our campus will have a pleasant laugh again.






5.英语作文推荐:I love you, Mum and Dad!