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英语作文 篇1

  Teenagers like to computer games so much, some even drop out of the class and they hang around the street, going to the Internet bar, and are immerged themselves in the computer games. As we all known, Internet bar is not a good place for teenagers to come.

  First, there are all kinds of people in that places. It has been reported that many accidents have happened in the Internet bar, some people have fought each other and then cut people, even people died there. It is so dangerous.

  Second, as the teenagers are so innocent, they may be seduced by some bad people in the Internet bar, the teenagers may be adducted to other places and never come home again. Internet bar is not a safe place for teenagers, so they should learn protect themselves and stay away from it.





英语作文 篇2

  What do I want to do when I’m older? Someone wants to be a doctor。 Someone wants to be a basketball player because they are good at sport。 Someone wants to be a writer and to make the writing。 Someone wants to be a teacher because they like teaching children。

  I like playing the piano and I good at it。 So I want to bee a piano player。 Play the piano is very interesting。 And you can learn something of music。 Piano can make you like music。 A lot of musician and singer are love playing piano。

  I play the piano when I’m ten years old。 Now I’m in grand five。 I hope when I’m sixteen years old , I can bee grand eight。 I’ll be harder and harder to practise。

  Bee a piano play is a hard job。 But I believe I can do it。

英语作文 篇3

  ronaldo luiz nazario de lima1 was born on 22 september 1976 in a poor suburb of rio de janeiro2。 like most of his childhood friends, ronaldo began his soccer career playing barefoot in the streets of his neighborhood。 at the age of 14, he joined s?o cristov?o3 soccer club and only two years later became the star of cruzeiro belo horizonte4 scoring a total of 58 goals in 60 matches and earning himself a reputation for his explosive5 pace and outstanding finishing skills。 his goal—scoring record and unusual agility6 led him to be included in the brazilian world cup winning team the following year。 after the world cup, many top european football clubs were trying to sign him。 many people, including brazilian football legend pelé7, referred to him as the most promising8 footballer of his generation。

英语作文 篇4

  Write an essay of 160—200 words based on the following bar chart. In your essay, you should first desCRIbe the bar chart, then interpret its meaning, and give your comment on it.

  You should write neatly on ANSWER SHEET 2. (20 points)

  As is apparently betrayed in the bar chart above, at present, workers in some fields and sections of our society are overworking themselves, among whom the self-employed individuals and scientific researchers top the list. The very fact revealed in the chart should arouse the social concern.

  The implied meaning of the bar chart above can be briefly stated as follows. In the first place, to overwork every day has become a common phenomenon in most working units. The national laws and regulations concerning eight-hour working limit are often disobeyed by most employers, which transgresses workers’ deserved rights. In the second place, to overwork constantly does harm to people’s health and psychology. Over the past years, many intellectuals and artists including Gao Xue-ming and Fu Biao die young due to heavy workload and the resulting stress. Last but not least important, frequent extra work disturbs people’s normal life. Every day people are fully occupied with their work so that they do not have time to care their family life and to communicate with their friends and relatives. As a result, they become a working machine. On the whole, overworking does bring us some disadvantages, which should not be neglected.

  In my view, counter-measures should be immediately taken to reverse the current grim situation. To begin with, more strict laws and regulations should be set up to protect workers’ rights. What’s more, a public education campaign should be launched to make people understand the relationship between work and health and that between work and normal life. Only in this way can we build up a harmonious society.

英语作文 篇5

  It has been considered as a tradition in many that females stay at home and are committed completely to the household work after they get married.Their devotion to domestic duties is said to have a positive influence on their husbands' success in career and their children's physical and mental development.

  A different voice can be heard as to this issue.Quite a number of people, including more and more husbands, are in favor of the idea that females should go out to work after getting married.One reason is that working can help release the financial burden of the family.And others, especially feminists, strongly argue that being a full-time housewife lowers down their status not only at home but also in the society.Since they are deprived of the right to be employed, their husbands how much they need and what they want to buy.

  I am convinced that women's having jobs can bring benefits to both sides.Since women are not deprived of the right to be employed, they will not need to ask their husbands for money and have to tell their husbands what they want to buy.At the same time, men will no longer complain about being too tired every day after work.Therefore, both husbands and wives should share the financial duties and domestic duties with each other.





英语作文 篇6

  We are often told not to judge people by their appearance,because for a person, abilities are far more important than appearance. Throughout history, there are numerous examples of outstanding people with remarkable achievements who are just plain or not good-looking at all.

  However, nowadays some people hold the belief that appearance outweighs abilities, partly because some beautiful people seem to have advantages in competitive situations like job interviews and have been given more opportunities than others.

  Nevertheless, I still firmly believe that abilities are more important For one thing, although good looks are easy on the eye, it is always one's abilities that create values that really matter. For another, while people's good looks were born to them, abilities have to be gained through deliberate self-cultivation and years of hardworking which speak more of people's true colors. Last but not least, abilities grow over time while good looks only fade.

  Eventually, it is the abilities that help people succeed, so it is safe to say that abilities will always bring more to life than good looks.

英语作文 篇7


  Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic Body-building. You should write at least 150 words, and base your composition on the outline (given in Chinese) below:









  In recent years, more and more people spare no pains to join in the body-building group. People begin to take part in various fitness clubs or fitness centers in their spare time. This shows body-building has become an indispensable part of many people’s life.

  Why are so many people keen on body-building? Firstly, keeping health is one of their main purposes. In modern society, many people stay for most of the day before the desk without doing any exercises, which definitely harms their health. Body-building caters to the need of these people who come to realize the potential danger of their working pattern. Secondly, body-building is beneficial for people to keep their body shape. Many setting-up exercises like aerobics are very helpful in cutting up weight. Besides, body-building is a good way by which people can release pressure.

  As far as I am concerned, the popularity of body-building will be a long-time trend. It shows people begin to pay more and more attention to life quality. As a fashionable, healthy lifestyle, body-building will attract more and more people.

英语作文 篇8

  let us say there is something you don't know how to do。

  in the past if you were determined to learn, you might have called a friend or a relative, taken a night class or walked down to the local library for a research term。 but now a host of websitos are sprinoing up to provide free practical advice on these subjects and actually anything else you can think of。

  in one sense, these "how-to" sites represent the growing world of on-line loarnino。 this tradition found one of its earliest forms in the fags frequently asked questions files that began on usenet, the internet's global discussion group。the fags, many of which still circulate (go round continuously), took a specific subject and explained it to complete novices。

  but "how-to" sites take the faqs idea in a somewhat different direction by addressing subjects that aren't necessarily related to discussion forums。 these sites take the style of a written tutorial (teaching period) and a tone of friendly advice。 possibly the biggest and best known of these sites is learn2, com (。 learn2, com)。 it offers nearly 1,000 free tutorials and adds new ones frequently for a job interview。 at ehow。 com (。 ehow。 com) you can learn how to train for your first marathon, how to buy a vacation home, or how to make a movie in eight steps。













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