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  Have you ever watched the famous cartoon"Happy sheep and gray wolf",which captures the hearts of millions of kids and even teenagers.


  I'm sure you can't forget the vivid character---Red Wolf,which is a snippy,violent and hot-tempered wife with her symbolic action:throw a pan to her husband and shout out " go and catch the sheep! or never come back".In fact,this is a truly reflection that female are gradually dominating the society.Girls are the bosses.

  According to a report by CNN in 20xx,women in the US earned 59 percent of all college degrees,surpassing men by almost 3 to 2.while in 1970,41 years ago,men earned that percentage of all college degrees.Similarly, in China,it's estimated that female college students surpassed male students in numbers on campus for the first time in history in 20xx,which accounts for 51%.Although we,the students in WHUT,can't feel it,because the majority here are males.But think about the fact that,the female ratio of freshmen in Huazhong Normal University this year is 70%.So next time,when you're free,why not go to Huazhong Normal University,just walk around the campus,and you will enjoy a different scenery.

  Back to our topic, Gu haibing,professor in the School of Econmics at Renmin University of China,attributes this to the education system.He says girls gain the edge with their better discipline and memory-based studying method "However , a gender imbalance on campus caused by female students outperforming their male counterparts reflects a global trend.

  The 20xx Olympics have been hailed as the "Year of the women",according to Time magazine,because 58 of the US team 103 medals were won by women and for the first time Muslim women from Saudi-Arabia,Qatar and Brunei ere allowed to compete in the event.

  Furthermore,as we have known, Madame Curie is one of the greatest scientists around the world,and she is a woman;"Iron lady "Margaret thatcher is the one of the most prominent politician,and she is a woman; Oprah Winfrey is the household hostess of talk show,and she is a woman. And examples like this can be taken endlessly as you want.

  So here ,the men compatriot,watch out,we are fallen behind!


  Many people burn incense and kowtow, do good deeds and strive for virtues, not just for the present, but mainly to let God see their sincerity so as to be reborn into a better afterlife, or to achieve the highest enlightenment after several lives of practice. They do believe in afterlife. But I can't help asking: Suppose there were no afterlife, would you still do good deeds and strive for virtues? And If God does not see what you are doing, would you still be so upright and selfless? If you work, not for serving the public and liberating the others, but just for a better afterlife of your own, isn't it a little too selfish? Comparing with this kind of believers, those who don't believe in afterlife, but still keep doing good deeds, are the most sincere and honest philanthropists, because they do them not for themselves but for other.

  You may wonder if I believe in afterlife. My answer is: I know nothing about my previous life, so I dare not make improper comments on afterlife. But I do hope there's afterlife! Because our present life is so short that so many things slip away before our proper understanding. I have so many dreams, so many wishes, so many ambitions, as well as so many regrets and concerns. If there were no afterlife, all of them will remain unrealized!

  I'm not contented with the present commonplace life, I'm very much attached to the affections that should have been mine but have been washed away by the hurrying time, and I yearn for the perfection and maturity if I could start all over again. So believe it or not, I'd rather there were afterlife.


  It is easy to describe success in terms of money, fame and reputation. But I believe that success is not external. I believe that success comes from within. My definition of success is to be true to yourself, and be true to others. That means, that you must cherish your personal ideal even in the face of adversity. I also believe that success is not discriminatory. Success is not restricted to such a class of people, in fact, it may be achieved by any person irrespective of his race, creed, gender and economic background. A good example of success is that of Beethoven. He is one of the world's most famous composers, yet he was deaf. He could not hear the majestic pieces of music that he created. Yet, in the face of this adversity, he was able to maintain his ideals''that of composing music.

  To exemplify what success means to me, I pose a question to all of you. What brings us together here today? I believe that it is the beauty of the spoken word. The effect of pause and the sound of rhetoric are unique to the spoken word. I believe the beauty of the spoken word is even stronger for those who have difficulty in expressing themselves. These people are reclusive and had their emotions hidden within them. I once went to Australia and I saw two pictures, Once was drawn by a normal child, the other was drawn by a child with social inhibitions. The picture drawn by the normal child was simple and plain. The other was life'like, full of details and imagination. What this shows is that these are ideas, emotions and feelings that are locked internally in these children.


  granny liu, a distant kinsfolk, in a dream of the red mansions , claims kinship with the wealthy jia family, thinking that she may benefit from it in some ways. liu might have run away without any traces if the jia family had been a poor one. another saying goes “close neighbors are better than distant relatives.” the most difficult is to manage the relatives when doing business together, just as what the tv series program liu laogen discloses. it is all right to stay poor together, but as soon as the business grows prosperous, the group will become estranged and even dissolve because of the unfair distribution. family love is like a maze which we shouldn't go too far into it, otherwise, we'll surely get lost. love is a bilateral matter and unilateral love can only lead you to nowhere in spite of your good intentions. family love is, sometimes, like an arranged marriage, leaving no choices to you. due to the different experiences and tastes, staying together temporarily can be entertaining, while living together for a long time can only be boring due to the lack of common interest and understanding. how can we communicate with each other without understanding? parents have the duty to support the children who are not yet economically independent, and children have the responsibility to provide for the elderly parents who are lack of economic abilities to support themselves. except these two kinds of duties which we must fulfill, other kinds of love become conventional formalities such as paying visit to the sick or the dead and giving presents to the newly-born etc.

  no love among relatives has become a normal phenomenon which needn't to be fussed about. what's worse is when love is contaminated by money. sooner or later we will get hurt. the sooner we get out of this net of love, the more we can preserve beautiful memories.

  we are not living in vacuum, and the society is formed of various kinds of people. as long as we want to live, study, or work, we have to contact, communicate and cooperate with others. those who enjoy common interests, mutual understanding, common undertakings and common benefits become friends.


  Today the topic of my impromtu speech is that home is where the heart is. Home is the harbor of both our body and mind. Home is the never ever changed inner sustenance. Many people may say that where there is home, there is heart, but I want to say that where there is heart, there is home. Concerning this saying, I have three points to back me up.

  Regarding the first point, if only we have love, and care for the parents sincerely, then home is just there near us. We still can be together if our hearts are connected. The reason why home is so important to us is that there are our beloved parents waiting for us. No matter how far we are away from home, their solicitude is always there. In the same way, whether we are near at hand or far away at the end of the world. Take an ancient Chinese flood-combatting hero-Da Yu for example. At that time, Da Yu was assigned to combat the flood through water control. He passed his home three times, but never went in for a look. Didn’t he want to go in? I don’t think so. I believe he missed his family so much in his heart, but he knew what the more important thing was. Therefore, he put his home in his heart and regulated waters first. Accordingly, we can see that as long as we have a caring heart, home is not distant from us.

  Secondly, where there is love and affection in your heart, there is your home. To illustrate, San Mao, a Chinese Taiwanese writer, and her husband, Hexi lived in the Sahara Desert happily. Though they lived in the harsh environment and they didn’t have enough food supplies, they were still contented with what they had got. Neither San Mao nor He Xi was the original resident there, but for love in their hearts, they treated there as their home. This fully explained why San Mao finally left the Sahara after He Xi’s death. If love has gone, then the home will not exist any more.

  Bringing my arguments to a close, heart is the harbor of home. Only if we are full of love towards our families, home is always there with us no matter how far it is geographically.


  The vast historical tide, some successful, some failure; Some a fair death honors the whole life, some thing never dies. Ebb and flow, raise a number of "Confucius", which is mixed with many "qin GUI", carried away, that he wants to succeed by hook or by crook to get success, desire to have at the end of the day is celebrated, and find the right choice, but achievements generation of celebrities. Success, there are many paths, seeking a shortcut, tend to be at the end of the day to understand gave up a optimal choice and effort was not to make choices as it landed at all costs.

  Reese, a desire for success, but "achievement" his "disease xian can envy", he should have been a generation of names, for the emperor should share, from a desire for success, by hook or by crook, he hit the han fei, creates the tragedy of burying Confucian. History is suppressed, the trend of the development of culture is suppressed, qin, Reese also destroyed, people took down the emperor, also remember the lis.

  And qu yuan, created a new genre of Chinese literature, in a new way to the right interpretation of Chinese culture. Mr Yu optimal such a sentence: "the era of cultural celebrities, the more often not compatible with his age." Qu yuan is no exception, he king, dragon's loyal due diligence, was shangguan doctor again and again of slander, and king huai, in the adulation of again and again to please blinds, unexpectedly also close, far from xian. Qu yuan to get the release time of exile, destroyed, chu qu yuan died also. Can he live in people's hearts, the spirit of eternal. "World-wide all muddy I alone, public all drunk I wake up alone, 500 - word article 15 and successful composition

  Once together at the same time, but Reese is celebrated "disease virtuous envy can" synonymous with, they are eager to be the world recognize, in their time, Reese seems to be just, and qu yuan, under the scholar of whitewash, he lost, lost to their eras.

  Today, history proves that everything: qu yuan remain through the ages, Reese thing never dies.

  Investigate the root cause, they choose different, however, made of qu yuan, has produced Reese.

  Need a lot of success: timing, location, and; One percent talent and ninety-nine percent effort, but the most important thing is how to choose, the right choice is necessary for success. Nature is the choice of drop of water in the sea, and it will never dried up, the eagle chose the blue sky, so it's achievements dream.


  The east and the west, let’s enjoy the combination of the two cultures?

  kipling said:“east is east, and west is west, and never the twain shall meet!” but now, a century later, they have met.

  they have met in business. they have met in education. they have met in the arts. some people will argue that these meetings will leave us with a choice between east and west, but i believe that the best future lies in the creative combination of both worlds. we can make western ideas, customs and technology our own, and adapt them to our own use. we can enjoy the best of both worlds, because our tradition is, above all, one of selecting the best and making it our own.

  i love beijing and hennan opera because it always reminds me of who i am. but i am also a fan of pop music, especially english songs. so i have combined eastern melody with western language. it is called western henna opera.