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  I'm very glad to join in the t,let me introduce myself to name is lin ya qian,i'm 20 years old,I come from zhe jiang,and I'm an outgoing girl,I like philosophy and sport oh yes,I hope thatI can do something for the beijing you give me the great chance,I won't let you,that's all.i hope that you are satisfied with me,thank you!


  Good afternoon,my dear professors!

  It’s my pleasure to be here to introduce myself. Butthat’s adifficult question. I think all the night. How to introduce myself? Tell you who I am? You all know my name is Li Guoquan. Tell you what my major is or what I am doing now?You all know I study veterinaryandworkingat alma mater.

  At the same time,I know what you interest is why I chouse to continue to professional studyasanoffice clerk today I’ll tell you something about my idea of as an old saying goes:it is never too late to people who want to adopt a healthy and meaningful life style,it is important to find time to learn certain new knowledge.

  In my work,I found that a person's education is the most important aspect of his life.I always believe that one will easily lag behind unlehe keeps on learning. Even the best possible graduate needs to continue learning beforehe becomes an educated person. And thisis little evidence that education can be obtained at any age and at any these reasons,I think that receiving professional education in my alma mater is I am given a chance,I will try my best to live up to my goal. That’s all. It is my great pleasure to have a chance to present myself to k you!


Dear sir or madam:

  My name is Yang Lei,I graduated from the circulation commercial college of Woosuk University in Korea in 20xx.2. My major is Division of Trade Business and minor is Division of Marketing Business. In the past four years of university life,I always believe that knowledge is the most important,and studying in university is the best way to gain the basic knowledge and professional knowledge. In the process of continuous efforts and enhancing myself,I have maintained a good academic performance,which render me grasp my major knowledge and skills of practice. Not only do I understand the development of modern international trading status,but also got familiar with the codes and rules of international business. Besides,I am well up in trading polices and regulations of china and some other areas’ economy conditions. In addition to study,I actively participated in social practice after school and I have benefited much from my part-time jobs. As far as I am concerned,working experiences and team cooperation spirits will play a crucial role in my future career development. I think this is not only the cultivating of individual capabilities but more the growing awareness of team cooperation and personal responsibility. Due to the fact that I was appreciated by my tutor and classmates,so I can put more enthusiasm among the new challenges and this render me to sprint to a higher goal. I was admitted by professor as an assistant and praised by manager attributing to my active attitude during the intern period. Over the four years’ study in Korea,I was convinced that "no cross,no crown." In my daily life,I need to arrange everything by myself,hence,I cultivated hard-working spirit. There is a saying that "Each day I examine myself in three ways:in doing things for others,have I been disloyal? In my interactions with friends,have I been untrustworthy? Have not practiced what I have preached?" which taught me the truth while I dealing with others:"Leaning how to work in working and how to study in studying" . I am optimistic,dynamic and honest. As a senior graduate,although my experience is not enough,I will work with an open mind to learn and strive to improve on my skills,and devote every effort to serve the company in future. Therefore,I would very appreciate you offer me an opportunity to realize my value.









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