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  1、How would your boss describe you?

  If you get the job, your interviewer may be your future boss so you need to answer this question carefully. Describe yourself as any boss would want to see you. You might say:

  “My boss would describe me as hard working, loyal, friendly and committed. He would say that I work well on my own initiative and deliver what he wants on time and to a high standard”.

  Again, don’t use the term “I think my boss would say..” as it gives an element of doubt. Be positive and certain with the interview answer you give.

  2、What motivates you?

  I am motivated by being around other positive people, we might question if working alone would suit them.

  I am motivated by targets.

  3、What do you look for in a job?

  This is really a question about suitability, though we’ve included it here.

  Remember the advert? Focus on the advert criteria and you won’t go far wrong. For example, if the advert called for someone to lead others, you might say:

  “I like a job where I can lead and motivate others and enjoy seeing improvements in team performance”.

  If the advert called for a target-focused individual, you might say:

  “I like having targets. They encourage me to stretch myself and beat them!”

  4、What is your personal mission statement or motto?

  Not everyone has one, but because you might be asked, think what yours would be.

  “Just do it!”

  “Right first time, every time”.

  “Less talk, more action”.

  “Treat others as you’d wish to be treated”.

  “Fortune favours the brave”.

  “Quality, quality, quality…”.

  Our advice: This is one of those times when we ask candidates to explain their answers to our interview questions. So, whatever you say, it’s likely you’ll be asked to give a reason or example so have one in mind. For most jobs, you want to sound positive and motivated, but possibly not ruthless or inconsiderate.


  1、 What do you enjoy least about your current role?

  A good interview answer might go something like this:

  “Actually, I enjoy everything about what I do. I suppose if I had to give something up, it would be…”

  The ‘something’ depends on you, but it’s best to mention something incidental to your job, like admin or paperwork. So you might say:

  “I’m not sure (pause). I suppose if I had to pick something to give up it would be paperwork. I know it’s important, and I do it well, but if someone else did if for me, that would be great!”

  2、 Why do you want to leave your current job/company?

  If you’re applying for a more senior job, you might answer:

  “I really enjoy what I do, but I’m ready for more responsibility and challenge which your job offers. Unfortunately, my current job/employer can’t give me this.”

  If this isn’t the reason, use yours instead, but always be positive in your answers to tough interview question

  3、What do you think of your current boss?

  “My current boss is great. He sets the team challenging but realistic targets and motivates us to achieve them…”

  “My current boss is very good. She deals with her team firmly but fairly and enjoys our respect because of this…”

  If your current boss is not great, and you are prepared to answer more interview questions about this, say so, but do balance each criticism with a positive point. Remember the need to appear positive in your answers to interview questions. You might say:

  “My current boss has strengths and weaknesses. He is very good at listening to people but sometimes, in my view, doesn’t deal with underperformers firmly enough. This affects team morale sometimes…”

  4、What will you miss about your present job?

  People is the best interview answer here. Say anything else and you’re suggesting the job you’re applying for won’t give you everything you had and more, and might even leave you wanting!

  As you think about answers to interview questions, always have in mind the need to create a positive impression.

  “Well I’m confident that the job you’re offering will give me everything I have now and more so I don’t think I’ll miss anything about the job itself. But I’ll miss some of the people of course…”

  5、What can you tell me about XYZ Company?

  If you need to, start by saying “Is it ok if I refer to my notes?”. When you get the nod, off you go.

  A good interview answer should include short factual statements covering such things as the Company’s history, its products, staff numbers, turnover and future business objectives. Something like this is fine:

  “I believe the Company began in 1967, with just one outlet, but now has 25. From what I’ve read, you sell A, B and C products across Europe and the States and have a turnover in excess of $5 million. You employ 125 staff. I beleive you hope to enter the Asian market by 2010″. “I’ve done some research and can tell you more if you like”.

  You will likely hear “No, that’s fine. Thank you.”

  Your interviewers will be impressed that you prepared and made notes and you’re off to a good start.


  1:Could you please describe yourself?(能否请你形容一下自己?)

  这个问题,一来是想要了解你是什么样的人,二来是想看看你是否知道如何重点式地自我简介。 在回答时,要针对应征工作的性质来凸显自己的特色,可以多用形容词,并且引用过去的工作经验,但是不必提及公司组织的名称,再者,你还可以谈谈未来的生涯规画;但如果你是个社会新鲜人,就可以谈谈在校时的丰功伟业。 比方说,今天你打算去应征行销的职务,你就可以说︰ I am creative andmotivated. I worked on several major marketing projects with positiveresults. I am now looking for a challenging marketing position in anestablished com#pany. (我有创意、又积极。曾负责数项大型的行销项目,皆有成效。我现在希望在一家深具规模的公司内,担任有挑战性的行销职务。)

  2:Why do you think we should employ you?(你认为我们为何要雇用你?)

  雇主问此问题,希望你试图证明自己是最佳人选,并且测试你是否熟悉应征职务的工作内容。 回答时,要迎合该公司对该职务的期望,不过切记别给人狂妄自大的印象。假设你今天要应征机械工程的工作,你就可以说︰ I am suitable for the position,not only because I have a masters degree in mechanical engineering, butalso because I have worked in this field for more than five years. I believe that my experience can be put to use in further developing your business. (我很适合该职位,不只因为我有机械工程学的硕士学位,更因为我在该产业已经有五年多的工作经验,我相信,我的经验可以派上用场,进一步推动贵公司的事业。)

  3:What classes did you like best back in school?(在学校你最喜欢哪门课?)

  此时,雇主想了解你的学习能力,以及你有兴趣的专业课程是否跟工作扯得上边;此外,个人在求学过程的好恶,会反应在不同的工作岗位上。 回答时,一定要表示自己以好学著称,喜欢学习新知,尤其是与应征工作有关的课程。假如你今天要应征会计的工作,你就可以回答 Statistics, accounting and calculus were my favorite subjects because I am good at crunching numbers. (统计、会计与微积分是我最喜爱的科目,因为我对于计算复杂的数字很在行。)

  4:What do you think are your greatest strengths and weaknesses? (你自认自己最大的`优劣势分别为何?)

  雇主问这样的问题,旨在探知你是否有足够的自我认知,以及你是否是该职务的不二人选。 在回答时,分寸的拿捏很重要,因为谈及优势时,不希望自己听起来骄傲;相反地,把自己的缺点一一点出,又显得自己无能。 我建议各位,不要否认自己有缺点,你可以提出一两个与工作无关的缺点,再加上与职务息息相关的优势。 比方说你可以回答︰My greatest weakness is that I value leisure time spent with my family and therefore I treasure my weekends and free time in the evenings. My greatest strength is my com#mitment to work. I strive for excellence and always try to do my best. (我最大的缺点是我珍惜与家人相处的闲暇时间,所以我很重视周末与晚间休息的时间。我最大的优点是我对工作的执着,我追求卓越,总是努力把工作做得尽善尽美。)

  5:What do you think are your strongest skills?(你认为你最强的技能是什么?)

  雇主如此一问,一想了解你的专业技能是否符合职务的需求,二是希望更进一步地知道,你是否能够评析自己的能力。当回答这个问题时,一定要针对应征工作的特点以及需要作答,这样公司才会认为你对他们是有裨益的。 假设你今天要应征客服人员的工作,你就可以回答 My strongest skills are handling com#plaints with great patience. I think solving customer com#plaints is a wonderful way to win customer loyalty, and I am happy to deal with any problems people may have. (我最强的专长技能就是耐心地处理抱怨,我认为抱怨是赢得顾客忠诚度的好方法,我也很乐意解决人们遇到的问题。)