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在除夕的英语作文 篇1

  8, CCTV's Spring Festival gala broadcast on time, the whole family sitting on the sofa eating melon seeds and fruits, while watching the Spring Festival gala, the party's program is rich and colorful, singing, dancing, comedy, magic...We from time to time be laugh until you can't stop.

  New Year's eve night, loud firecrackers broke the quiet of the night, the night sky was immersed in a range of firecrackers, be reflected splendidly colorful fireworks bright lights, really I port view!All this makes originally excited I couldn't sleep for a long time.

  New Year's eve is happy, is lively, is festival, I love the New Year's eve!





在除夕的英语作文 篇2

  Today is new year's Eve. I'm very happy. I can have a lot of lucky money today. After breakfast, dad drives me to go home with my mother. There are lots of vehicles, streams, vehicles coming and going. But I am a little carsick, finally to grandma's house, but to the village, there are a lot of people and dad say hello, Dad could slow down, one can say hello, I do not know, to my grandmother's house, I saw grandpa and Grandma had a sumptuous meal set.

  Mom and dad gave them a toast, I am no exception, my grandmother gave me gift money. After dinner, we were in a hurry and went back. At night the three of us here and grandparents and uncle together for the holidays, with fireworks, we are one family with my grandparents and kowtow, gift money, uncle and mom and Dad, my grandmother also gave gift money. But Dad's gift money up, grandma said, dad is the largest of his children, but I am very angry, I turn to my parents and, I don't, I seemed to want a little bit more, then mom really gave me 1800, I jump, turn to uncle, uncle also give me a thick pile of surprisingly, everyone was shocked, I can't wait to open a new look, not only have money, there is a silver ingot. I am pleased to get up from the ground, to kiss uncle.

  Mother is a good photographer. She always takes these beautiful scenes in the new year. From the year I was born, mother always put it aside when she was free. I'm so happy!!!!

  Every year, the most important thing has come to an end, the following is the fireworks, our whole family together downstairs to see the fireworks, a riot of colours fireworks fly in the sky one after another, some like a parachute, some like some like a trapeze The heavenly maids scatter blossoms., … … we cheered jumping, indulge in happy holiday, happy with me around … …

在除夕的英语作文 篇3

  Today, it is a special day, it is a symbol of beauty, happiness, family reunion, it is a big night on New Year's eve.

  At 7 o 'clock in the evening, my mom and dad with the feelings of excitement to grandma's. Trees are heavy with the lights on the side of the road, tangle on the ribbons, green tree as if the sea became a sea of color. Everywhere decorated, good a lively festival spectacle. I, particularly enchanting.

  Came to grandma's, sister a also arrived. My sister and I played the kartrider together, play can be happy. At that time, the dinner. We come to the table side a look, wow! The food too abundance: dongpo pork, shrimp, have a delicious sweet and sour pork ribs, also have a delicious roast duck, and hot chicken soup. One taste, the taste is great, it is "the world delicacies beautiful such as meal, drew the fairy a few back to try."

  Eaten dinner, my sister and I went to the balcony, put a fireworks. There are many kinds of fireworks, split, hens lay eggs, and peach blossom. The color of the fireworks are many: there are yellow, with green, red, and purple. These fireworks are interesting. Said split of it, it is a very interesting fireworks. You light it, it will spray to a height of seven meters, in the sky, many small parachutes to falling down, like a fairy and yellow flowers from the sky. The hen is more interesting. You light, lead to drum up a small ball, you prick it will spit out the colorful fireworks, can be fun!

  Round JiaoBai moon shining expanse of the earth, people are immersed in the happiness. At the same time, I in the heart silently blessing students academic success, happy New Year, the teachers all the best!






在除夕的英语作文 篇4

  Look forward, I hope, the 6 clock bell finally ringing. The yard was brightly lit and our whole family came to the dining room with a smile.

  Look, the table is really good. It's very rich. Savory braised fish in soy sauce, attractive Beijing Roast Duck, the middle of the prawn arch waist, Fish-Flavored Shredded Pork steaming. Green vegetables are fragrant and tender, and the best Nourishing Nourishment for the body - chicken soup, also placed on the table, really makes my mouth water. Grandpa said kindly, "start eating!" Our whole family ate in a big mouth. Talk while talking. My father raised his glass in one gulp, then opened the chatterbox: "20xx was an extraordinary year! Wenchuan, Sichuan, has a great earthquake, the South encountered snow disaster, and what hand foot and mouth disease... But our brave Chinese to Our wills unite like a fortress. bucket and bucket, million people united as one man, day, overcome the difficulties." I listened and listened, and I couldn't help saying, "the Chinese people are great!" The Chinese Communist Party is great! " Then our family raised his glass, side to side to grandma and grandpa's side by common consent said: "I wish them happiness as immense as the Eastern Sea changliushui, longevity is not the old song." Grandma and grandpa fondly touched my head and said, "I hope you will learn more in the new year."

  How time flies! Unwittingly, the CCTV Spring Festival Gala has begun. The handsome, handsome male producer and beautiful, generous female owner went on the field together, and we were all staring at the TV screen. The singer, Song Zuying's singing, is especially unforgettable. The most striking is the comedy actor Zhao Benshan's performance was so wonderful, too funny, make our family uproarious, Dangdang when zero bell finally rang, the mark I grow old.

  Suddenly, "pat" the deafening sound of firecrackers, as one falls, another rises. The yearning Spring Festival is coming. At this time, the cheers, the sound of the firecrackers, the sound of singing, together into a wonderful symphony.

  In the new semester, I have to set a new goal and a happy symphony.

在除夕的英语作文 篇5

  Time passed, on the new year's eve of 20xx, I came to the country for the new year. My brother and sister of my aunt's family played poker, and it was very hot. At the moment the Spring Festival Gala is about to start, all of us sit in front of the TV and listen to the new year's footsteps.

  At eight o'clock, the Spring Festival Gala officially began, and Zhu Jun, Qing Dong, Zhu Xun, Zhang Zequn and other hosts announced the beginning of the Spring Festival Gala. In a moment, the silent meeting began to boil.

  In the Spring Festival Gala, what impressed me most is the acrobatic program "buffeting bar", this acrobatic thrills, excitement, by the two staff raised soft bar, acrobats jumping in the soft bar, but also use the landing time to do a somersault, let the audience as an actor I worry about joy; also very love by Zhao Benshan, Xiao Shenyang, Bi Fujian, to show the piece "not bad money", the skit is very funny, but the significance is extraordinary, make people fall into a reverie.

  Eleven PM, our family began to have dinner, delicious fish, which represents May there be surpluses every year. is a dish, the new year's Eve indispensable; bright color, light taste of tomatoes, outer Giori tender lobster, and a plate of dumplings, which is entrusted with the family of new hope.

  At half past eleven, the whole village began to set off fireworks and fireworks. A string of flowers rise into the sky like a meteor, and want to open the flowers from the sky, colorful and varied. During the new year's Eve, only a few firecrackers can be heard. Since the reform and opening up thirty years ago, the whole village has undergone tremendous changes. Is the full fireworks showing that the peasants are living well? This is really "if suddenly spring night, thousands of pear trees."

  The family members are all talking enthusiastically. The Spring Festival Gala is wonderful. When the New Year bell is about to ring, the whole family will Countdown with one voice: "five, four, three, two, one!" , cheers, the first morning of the year of the ox came to!

在除夕的英语作文 篇6

  Like Christmas Eve to people of the west, for China, on the eve of the Spring Festival is also a meaningful night, happiness, and a New Year full of expectation in the future.

  With splendid fireworks lit up the sky, the festival overture starting. No matter how long and how difficult is that the Chinese nation trek on the eve of a long way back to the family reunion in a home.It has lasted For many years, is the Spring Festival gala on TV drama, the whole family to enjoy the delicious food and rich dinner, and watch the show together. For, each a terrible memory and unpleasant will stop in the evening, and bright here will start next year.Their wishes become cookies and faraway. In air For generation of colorful fireworks shinning gloss, the Spring Festival eve is considred as to the future, through a year of great summary, in the evening when everyone new began to open their mind.

  With the rapid increase of economy, people have little time with family.But on the eve of this, it might be a return, compensation, or for people who want to share with his or her family to enjoy.A relaxed conversation and joke around, on a cold winter night, the warm atmosphere of the room.




  In the New Year's eve, our family reunion, eat dinner, this is our common custom of New Year's eve shou sui.There are historical records, the custom as early as in the northern and southern dynasties, later becoming popular, to the early tang dynasty, emperor taizong account with "shou sui" poem: "cold as winter snow, warm into the spring breeze."Until today, people in our country are still used in the New Year's eve shou sui, outside the sound of firecrackers, indoor sitting around watching TV, the family howls of laughter...

  It is said that the earliest rice cakes for the offerings of god, of the eve of the old dynasty was used for ancestors, later to become Spring Festival food.



在除夕的英语作文 篇7

  This interesting New Year's eve, not only made me happy, also let me know the custom of New Year's eve, for example: shou sui.Pressure;Step;Eat Wan Wanshun to choose a suitable text book of which suggests that the traditional Chinese culture is really profound!In fact, as long as we pay attention to everywhere, can acquire knowledge in the happiness.As the saying goes: "notices are learning"!


在除夕的英语作文 篇8

  There are many festivals in China. Among them, I like the Spring Festival most.

  Not only because it’s the biggest festival in the year, but also because it’s a new beginning that brings hope to people and it’s time for family gathering. Before the festival, people come home no matter where they are. Usually, we have a big dinner on the New Year’s Eve.

  And then families sit together and share their lives or planes. Some will play games or hang out to have some fun. On the New Year’s Day, people get up early and say good words to anyone they meet. Children can get lucky money from relatives. In the following days, we will visit relative’s home and bring New Year’s wishes to them.

  In short, it’s a time for family gathering and all of us enjoy it.

在除夕的英语作文 篇9

  Chinese New Year is especially important for Chinese people. So on the eve of new year's Eve, no matter how busy you are, you have to rush home and have dinner with your family — — reunion dinner. On New Year's Eve, my mother and my sister took me and my sister back home for the new year.

  It was noon when I returned home, and after lunch, everyone started to work. See! Dad and uncle carrying sharpened knife to a few are sun off the majestic big cock slaughter, not for a while, just see a few valiant, spirited big cock has been &ldquo big; unloading eight ” and in front of the full pot of fresh chicken. Listen to! From the kitchen to the mother and aunt meat voice, they must prepare the stuffing at. I like to eat dumplings most, so I like to take part in the dumplings, so I go to the kitchen and ask my mother, let me also take part in the dumplings. Mother said: “ the dumplings can be, but the hands must be washed! ” with my mother's permission, I also wrapped up the dumplings, and I also quietly wrapped a coin in the dumplings in order to see whose luck was good. After a moment, fish dumplings, dumplings, dumplings, gold hat comb dumplings … … lay a big plate.

  The most interesting thing is to have a new year's dinner. Through the joint efforts of everyone, the rich year night dinner finally came to the table, and the family sat together to eat and chat, the atmosphere was very lively. Suddenly, brother shouted: “ my teeth! ” all eyes were cast to the brother, I saw him from the mouth and spit out a coin. It is said that new year's day from the dumplings to eat coins in the person of the year must be good luck, hope brother have a good luck next year.

  It's a night to watch the night after dinner. The adults were drinking and chatting while they were watching the Spring Festival Gala while they were playing cards in the kitchen. We ran into the yard and put fireworks. With a sound of cannon, the fireworks rose and the colorful and different fireworks illuminated the whole night.

  Ah! This new year's new year's Eve is really unforgettable. It really makes people look back.