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  Hello, I'm XXXX vocational college information an electronics computer hardware professional a recent graduate, I sincerely thank you for taking time to read my resume. In the three years of study life, I firmly grasp the basic knowledge of computer hardware and electronic professional, proficient in several electricity and electricity, proficient in office software, to grasp the profound computer assembly and maintenance, and obtained a certain practical application in a variety of practice ability. He also took advantage of his spare time to study the Chinese language literature on self-study, and passed the course by half. During the self-examination, I not only improved the literary foundation, but also cultivated my strong will. Spare time I still widely read books, take an active part in all kinds of collective activities and social practice, the expanded aspect of knowledge, cultivate the team spirit, to enhance the organization communication ability, improve the comprehensive quality.

  Despite the lack of work experience and social experience, I will study hard in practice, make up for shortcomings and make positive progress. May I apply for the position and the computer hardware profession is not wrong, but I think people can not only confined to the major, in other areas also have to excavate the potential of!


  I am a graduate computer science undergraduate. University four years, for I laid a solid foundation of professional theory, good organization ability, team cooperation spirit, pragmatic work style and good communicating ability.

  In theory, I studied the theory of professional knowledge carefully, and I also read a lot of computer books while learning the required courses. I also have a strong interest in non-professional knowledge of law, literature and so on. During the school year, the first one was repeatedly obtained in the professional examination. I will receive a scholarship once, and I will receive five scholarships from the hospital. He is a good student and is well received by his teachers and classmates.

  In my professional knowledge, I am proficient in the operating systems such as Linux, Windows 9x/Me/NT / 2000 / XP, as well as the familiar operating systems of Visual Basic, SQL Server, ASP, and the Office, WPS Office automation software. I also taught myself HTML, Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, and other websites to make relevant software. Good use of common software. With ease.

  At work, he was a member of the college students' association and vice monitor, and was the secretary of the organization department of the computer department. The organization department, the class party, the spring outing and other activities, the teachers and the students are praised by the students. In the cultivation of thoughts, I am excellent in quality, progressive in thought, and committed to the principle of honesty, faith, propriety and wisdom.

  In the social practice, four years of university life, I have strict requirements for myself, the cultivation of ability, especially the practical ability is my strong point. Have participated in social practice many times, have certain practice experience and the ability of working.

  No matter what kind of work in the future, I will take the new job as a new starting point, constantly learning and enhance professional skills, my tireless learning attitude in and style of the steadfast responsible do every work well.


  He who wants to do good, he will profit first. In the past few years, I have continued to uphold the principle of heavenly rewards, and in the first three provinces, we have perfected our confidence and character. To be brave, to be pragmatic, to be confident in my work; The light of the lamp, the cold window hard to read, believe in the learning.

  During the period of school, I always to improve their comprehensive quality for the purpose, based on the all-round development of personal struggle direction, set up the correct outlook on life and values, the glorious joined the communist party of China.

  In order to adapt to the demand of social development, I strive to learn professional knowledge, get scholarships for many times, more in-depth and comprehensive mastery of the software programming, hardware maintenance and development, network application technology such as computer science basic theory and the computer in enterprise management, industrial production, aided design manufacture and so on the application of knowledge, at the same time pay attention to combining with the characteristics of their own professional, combining with the practical, successively participated in the school news web page design competition, the competition of process design, the challenge Chinese college students business plan competition, university scientific research projects, setting up according to their own interests at the same time, the property management division of the training and qualification examination, summer social practice investigation, have made extraordinary achievements.

  As a graduating college computer professional students in 2017, is a young and knowledge, so I have to I am not afraid of difficulties, good at thinking, but also means the experience, the young need more modesty for school. At the same time, I know that graduation is only a small step in studying, and society is a real university. My job today, it is hoped to get a better learning opportunities, thus to better work units and contribute to the nation, at the same time to realize the value of life.